Top Three Digital Marketing Trends of Focus in 2021

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

With the chaos of 2020, we are looking ahead to better things in 2021. While some of the pre-pandemic digital marketing trends needed to adapt to the digital marketing landscape’s re-shaped elements, e-commerce sales reached unexpected heights with people spending more time on social media and video conferencing. The major shift in the way people interact with each other during the pandemic has led to major changes in the way brands and businesses connect with their potential customers. As we have successfully entered into the New Year (2021), let us look at the digital marketing trends that will continue to exist this year.

Live Streams & Influencer Content

While hiring the services of a leading PPC Agency in the UK can render amazing benefits in 2021, one thing that the pandemic has taught us is the impact of live-streams. Social isolation meant that major events got canceled, and in-person visits were all rules out. Subsequently, people shifted their focus on live-streams, including online workshops and branded live-streams.

Live viewing on Facebook and Instagram shot up to 50% and 70%, respectively. This upward trajectory in live-streams and influencer content is more likely to continue in 2021. Live-streams generate an “in-the-moment” connection that was desired by the world because of the Covid-19.

By taking to social media platforms, influencers promoted their favorite products while generating a massive follower-base. The shoppable live streams allowed viewers to make purchases while watching their favorite influencers. The marketing trends incorporating live streams and influencer content is more likely to dominate the digital marketing world in 2021.

UGC (User-Generated Content)

Customer experience has never been more important than now. Living in the digital era, customers crave enjoyable experiences to share with their family and friends. Therefore, businesses and brands try to incorporate the best user experience to make their impression last in the consumer’s mind for a longer period.

Today, potential buyers want proof of the quality of any product/ service before they buy it. The potential buyers want to be reassured that they are getting value for what they are paying for since no one wants to make the wrong buying decisions. That said, when it comes to connective content, UGC ticks all of the following boxes:

  • UGC builds brand awareness and builds communities.
  • UGC is uplifting and relatable.
  • UGC allows brands to expand their clientele by generating trust.
  • UGC helps brands get more exposure even in the face of restrictive stay-at-home measures.
  • UGC provides social proof while strengthening communities.

The digital marketing strategy of UGC is more likely to continue in 2021 as well.

Inclusivity is The Key

With the #Black Lives Matter movement, inclusivity became one of the greatest focuses on 2020. Movements like these highlighted various issues that are part of different social elements deeply embedded within our world.

Different studies have proven that the recent cultural shift towards all-inclusivity has a major impact on our buyer and consumer behavior. You might be surprised to know that about 40% of consumers/ buyers turn away from retailers that don’t reflect their inclusive perspectives on identity and diversity. Moreover, nearly 30% of buyers/ consumers are ready to switch brands if they don’t recognize sufficient diversity.

Brands and services that are not receptive to all-inclusivity or who don’t appear to be promoting all-inclusivity platforms and conversations are prone to see negative impacts in 2021. On the contrary, brands and service providers that openly showcase and express their support and involvement in inclusive causes, such as the #Black Lives Matter movements are all set to reap greater benefits and maintain long-lasting and deeper connections with their clients.