Top Revolutionary Digital Transformation Companies in the World 2021

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N I DRIVE – Helping Organizations Go Beyond The Boundary With Digital Business Models

Digital transformation is the essence of modern business to take big leaps. Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, analytics, IoT, cognitive automation, and robotics power organizations to embrace the capabilities and improve productivity, process efficiency, and build innovative solutions.During the initial phase of COVID-19 in late 2019 and early 2020, several organizations across industries were hit by the chaos to restructure their strategies and working processes. Some organizations were afloat and some unfortunately sank.

Top Revolutionary Digital Transformation Companies in the World

Armada Labs: A Company with Digital Transformation at Its Core

Today, Fintech companies are the crucial drivers of digital transformation that run on innovative software and data-driven development models. Over time, these innovations urge companies to add a new dimension to business models and organizational infrastructures. Digital transformations that use high-end technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud become essential for these companies to thrive in a highly competitive market……….

Elba Technologies Top Revolutionary Digital Transformation Company to Watch in 2021.

Elba Technologies GmbH is an intelligent automation solutions provider that drives the digital transformation of top 20 largest enterprises across US and Europe. Just recently, they have been awarded top 10 RPA provider in Europe and are growing to be one of the best automation teams in the world.  Analytics Insight spoke to David Hasmüller, the CEO of Elba Technologies, to understand what powers their growth in the market and the relevancy of their services in Industry 4.0.

Humach LLC: Simplifying Business and Service Operations Through Innovation

For business organizations to function effectively, it requires support of entities that indulge themselves in delivering customer-centered approaches. Such entities, expectedly, provide innovative technological solutions to make businesses gain a unique edge over its contemporaries. The pockets for innovation and technological advancements have deepened more than ever with the deadly outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Innovation and efficiency are the only primary and sole qualities…………

KPI Digital: Transforming Businesses by Providing Intelligent Customer Experience and Analytics

The perception and meaning of Digital Transformation (DT) varies according toas per different people in a company. KPI Digital believes Digital Transformation is a vision that guides a company’s strategy towards meeting its goals, objectives, and activities. The company also considers it as a culture that drives values, practices, and behaviors, both internallyinternally as well as with its customers, suppliers, and business partners…………

PAYBACK: A Multipartner-Loyalty Program Encouraging Digitization in Retail

While the pandemic has inflicted adversities on almost every industry and sector imaginable, the retail industry is amongst the hard hits. This situation has convinced most of us to digitize as it is the only technological phenomenon that can save the ship from drowning. Owing to this, most retailers have resorted to digitization while the rest still find themselves in a soup with traditional business models and methods of conduct……..

WovV Technologies: Enabling Top-Notch Digital Transformations through Avant-Garde SaaS Products and Technology Services

Digital transformation, is one of the many crucial initiatives undertaken by businesses and companies to amplify their growth in the market and to enhance customer satisfaction. It is a storm of a wide range of technologies like SaaS, Mobile, Robotics, IoT, AI, machine learning, and others. Artificial intelligence is changing, the world and has become a catalyst for growth in the economy and businesses……

Y the Wait: A Unique All-in-one Application for Fast Service Across Industries

These days people hardly have any time to waste in waiting. Everyone is looking for fast services and instant results. Going to a restaurant and sitting there for long and waiting for the waiter has become old as Y the Wait is here with its fastest digital service of waiting.

Y the Wait, is a unique all-in-one service for multiple sectors…….


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