Top New Cryptocurrencies Expected to Explode in Coming Days

Many new cryptocurrencies making their debut are also anticipated to see growth in the coming days

New cryptocurrencies

New cryptocurrencies

Among all the investment options available in the market today, people are willing to go after cryptocurrencies. The main reason is its massive growth over the decade. However, the volatility and instability of digital tokens should also be remembered. Fortunately, despite facing unprecedented changes, crypto investors are still interested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With over 13,000 digital tokens in the market today, the crypto sphere keeps expanding as it paves the way for more new cryptocurrencies every day. But do these new cryptocurrencies develop trust among investors? Yes, they do. The biggest living example for this is Shiba Inu. Launched in August 2020, SHIB has grown drastically in the past year by gaining over 950% value in October alone. Similarly, many new cryptocurrencies making their debut are also anticipated to see growth in the coming days. IndustryWired has listed the top new cryptocurrencies that are set to explode in the future.


Himalaya Coin

In less than two weeks since its launch, Himalaya Coin has hit a market valuation of US$27 billion. This is the first-ever cryptocurrency to reach extreme market capitalization in a short span. Chinese billionaire Wengui Guo has promoted the digital token online and made many investors consider this as a serious investment option. 

In the promotional video of Himalaya Coin, ‘Hcoin to the Moon,’ the billionaire was seen hyping the digital token along with Donald Trump’s former advisor Steve Bannon. The crypto comes at a time when China is imposing a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies. 



To everybody’s surprise, New York City has got its own coin called ‘NYCCoin.’ it is supported by its incoming mayor Eric Adams who has announced his plans to convert the city into a major cryptocurrency hub. He also shared his views on adding cryptocurrency in school education. Launched by CityCoins, a civic-minded community from New York, NYCCoin has come out as the first digital token launched by a city itself. The crypto is aimed at supporting New York City and its treasury. 



EverGrow Coin was launched in the cryptocurrency market just six weeks ago. Besides becoming the fastest-growing project in digital token history, the coin has also evolved to become more rewarding. EverGrow Coin has recently rewarded its investors with over US$20 million. While many other cryptos only allow rewards in native currencies, EverGrow Coin rewarded its holders in a stable, regulated currency- Biance-pegged US dollars. This development represents the passive income investors will be getting after investing in the digital token. 



Currently, memecoins are ruling the cryptocurrency market. The influence of dogecoin and Shiba Inu have got to their extreme more than ever before. Following the upsurge of dog-themed crypto, now it is time to hit on a cat-themed one. Yes, Schrodinger, a digital token born out of cat memes is getting famous recently. Launched on 30th October, Scgrodinger has grown to a market capitalization of US$6.9 million. The token currently has a total supply of 1 trillion. 


Internet Computer

Internet Computer is also a major cryptocurrency sensation that hit the market in May. The digital token was traded at US$296 with a market capitalization of US$36 million within a few days of its launch. Internet Computer even entered the mainstream cryptos by occupying the eighth place in the top 10 list. Launched and incubated by Switzerland-based not-for-profit scientific research firm DFINITY Foundation, Internet Computer is a blockchain-based crypto that is introducing a revolutionary public network. 


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