Top Instances of Business Intelligence Advancements in India

Business intelligence

Business intelligenceBusiness intelligence helps see you beyond the data. Here are the top instances of advancements in 2022.

Business intelligence companies offer business reporting solutions that are comprehensive, affordable, easy to understand, implement, organize, and maintain. Most of the BI products offered by both companies are next-generation reporting solutions based on advanced technology and processes. 

Indian business intelligence companies add value to their customers through modernization, perfection, beliefs, and long-term relationships through a wide range of uniquely designed services and capabilities.


List of leading business intelligence companies in India 

Below is a list of Indian business intelligence companies that provide BI products directly to Indian companies.


1. Teradata Corporation

The company is the world’s largest company that enhances business intelligence through data warehousing and project analytics. With offices in approximately 40 countries, these companies provide professionals with a single source of reliable and accurate data to help them make decisions and improve customer relationships, productivity, and analytics. Turns into knowledge. Teradata has more than 850 customers and approximately 1,900 departments in more than 100 countries. 

The company has been operating in India since 2001 and currently has R & D expansion facilities in Bangalore and Hyderabad in addition to the International Consulting Center in Mumbai. It aims to help expand the Indian business intelligence market and provide clients with knowledge of  BI policies. The company wants to bring the entire BI user group together to meet business needs, regardless of the applications installed.


2. MAIA Intelligence

The company is dedicated to building and continuously improving its powerful business intelligence reporting and evaluation services to meet the needs of enterprise execution and application service providers. The company strictly adheres to management and professional norms and has an internal network and methods to provide customers with BI tools and perspectives to use the right equipment. 

 Intelligence products are created with customers’ existing and future needs in mind, transforming data into actionable knowledge to improve productivity and capabilities. The company releases new product features and improvisations every three months to address the commercial challenges companies are currently facing.


3. Binary Semantics Ltd 

Binary Semantics Ltd is a customer-centric, international software development company that provides software, R & D, website development, IT services, as well as optimized and calculated structured solutions and consulting services. These services aim to mitigate the business problems the company faces in its day-to-day operations in Europe, the United States, Canada, and India. 

The company has strong software manufacturing technology and is certified by American Quality Assessor (AQA) and ISO 9001 for software improvement and maintenance activities. The company’s various technologies are open source, J2EE, Oracle, NET, and PHP for a wide range of areas such as consumer goods, insurance, automobiles, hospitality, engineering, retail, and travel.


4. IDC India Ltd.

A leading international provider of business intelligence, consulting services, IT, telecom, and customer technology needs. The company helps IT professionals, business professionals, and investment groups make accurate equipment acquisition and business policy decisions. It has been operating in 110 countries for over 45 years and reports to IDG, a leading media, research, and event company. 

IDC (India) Ltd, a subsidiary of CyberMedia. Was founded in  1987 and is an ISO-certified company. Recognized as India’s most comprehensive, trusted, and respected business intelligence and  IT, telecom, and client technology advisor.


5. TechAxes

A voluntary company based in India. Harbinger TechAxes strives to lead the global business intelligence market. TechAxes, a distributor of analytical software and BI tools, provides comprehensive services to companies looking to meet their systematic needs. 

TechAxes’ key services are embedded analytics, outsourcing development, BPM platform consumption, and support services, customization, and business performance assessment.