Top HR Tech Trends That will Take Place in 2020

Over the last few years, technology has changed the ways of HR practices. From contact employees and store files to scrutinize employee performance, all have made more efficient by the use of cutting-edge technology. HR Tech is a wide area for software and associated hardware for automating function in human resources in an organization. It covers employee payroll and compensation, talent acquisition and management, performance management, workforce analytics, and benefits administration.

Now as the world is heading towards 2020, it is imperative to look at trends technology will bring in the new year for the HR industry and how it will transform the workplaces of tomorrow.

So, let’s see here the top HR Tech trends that will take place in 2020.

Maturation of AI Tools

Artificial intelligence plays a key role in the human resource sector as it drives automation in the whole HR functions. That is why HR leaders are looking to pour huge capital in AI for information discovery, job opportunities to candidate/employee matching and employee-sentiment analysis. Also, technology is paving more ways for consulting and analyst research, providing better outcomes to the workplace. With AI systems, HR professionals can perform all kinds of checks and make estimations. Moreover, AI technologies, such as predictive analyses, change the way companies adopt and maintain their talents and envisage trends.

Easier Communication

With the growing use of email, text and messaging apps, it has now become easier than ever for the HR department to stay in touch with the rest of the company. For instance, if a manager seeks to share a new schedule with a project team, he/she just needs one email with an attachment or a conversation on Slack. By leveraging these tools, they can even share the word with a dozen people at once. As employees function differently than before, this kind of digital communication is focused on improving their function. Thus, to enable self-managing teams to work effectively, more attention will have to be paid to communicating a clear direction and vision.

Rise of Intelligent Self-Service Tools 

Today, companies are taking big leaps from employee engagement to holistic employee experience. And by taking a new approach to employee well-being and performance management, the HR processes are becoming easier, more refined and automated than ever. In this way, the market is thriving with new self-service tools. These management tools are better and much easier to use compared to traditional HR tools. Also, with these, users are now comparatively providing more preference to the operational ease of the software than the functional depth.

Evolution in Mobile Recruitment 

Mobile recruitment is the process of connecting people and opportunities with the use of mobile devices in more convenient ways. As people currently search and apply for jobs on their smartphones, there is a chance for HR professionals to leverage mobile technology to harness more talent. The technology will assist organizations as the millennial account for a considerable part of the labor force, and are entering as interns or junior level employees. Also, any strategy will be incomplete without a social channel presence when it comes to mobile recruitment. The concept of the video interview is also now becoming an integral part of the mobile recruitment process.

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