Top Funding in AI Startups Helping Improve Customer Service

AI startups funding are improving the influence of technology on customer service



For many centuries now, customer experience has been at the core of every business operation. In the digital world, business companies are taking a disruptive route to stronghold their presence in the customer market and enhance customer service through technology. One of the important things that customers want is to answer their queries. However, manual customer service agents are not enough to take up customer service calls with the growing demand. Fortunately, artificial intelligence is here to help. With artificial intelligence onboard, businesses are able to provide seamless customer service while also redirecting human employees to do intellectual works. According to an estimate, more than 67% of consumers worldwide use AI-powered chatbots for customer support. Already, eight out of ten businesses have implemented or are planning to adopt artificial intelligence in customer service, and this number is expected to grow in the future. Owing to the increasing necessity, AI startups in customer service are also mushrooming at a faster pace. In 2021, AI startup funding has drastically increased, improving the influence of technology on customer service even further. In this article, IndustryWired lists top fundings in AI startups that are gearing up to help businesses in their customer service motive.



Netomi has raised US$30 million in a Series B funding round led by WndrCo. The AI-first customer service platform enables companies to deliver the highest quality customer experience while dramatically reducing the cost spent on it. Further, the company is working to resolve more than 80% of routine consumer questions without human intervention across multiple domains, excusing human workers to put effort into intellectual tasks. Netomi also helps businesses to provide this experience at a reduced cost. 



Swish is an Israel-based startup that is developing automation technologies for IT service management. The company has acquired US$13 million in a Series A funding round led by Dell Technologies. Swish works to address the enterprise help desk support by using AI to orchestrate the existing IT service management workflows. Tickers can be automatically routed to relevant, available agents based on skillset, load, and cost criteria, thanks to the company’s futuristic solutions. has raised US$100 million in a funding round to enhance its growth. The startup has earlier developed an open-source framework and proprietary apps to make it easier for organizations to build and operate artificial intelligence-based services. The Series E funding round was led by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). 



PayZen, a medical fintech startup, has raised US$15 million in a Series A funding round led by SignalFire. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company has launched an AI-backed technology that helps hospitals, health systems, ad other physician groups to pay for their care easily. It also keeps record of their visits and illness and even the procedures of surgery. PayZen acts as a bridge between patients and the payment department at hospitals. 



Okredo has raised EURO 1 million in a funding round led by the Lithuanian Business Angels Fund and Presto Ventures. The open data startup uses its SaaS platform to help SMEs gain credibility, financial strength. And sales potential from new and existing business partners and customers. The funding will help the company expand its services into the European markets.