Top Free & Paid Online C programming Courses to Attend in 2021

Many opt for online C programming courses to explore the possibilities

Online C programming courses

Online C programming courses

In the digital world, programming languages are ruling every tech-based application. Although no-code and low-code platforms are emerging to gain traction in modern times, the hype for programming languages and developers is not dying away. Especially, old programming languages like C are still exploring the market with maximum value. C programming language is well-known for its flexibility and well-established nature. It allows developers to understand computing processes at a deep level, making it easy for them to practice other languages as well. Many old programs, libraries, operating systems, etc we use today are backed by the C programming language. C is called the mother of programming languages for its ability to survive the digital wind for over five decades. Invented by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thomson when they were trying to write UNIX, C was the first programming language that supported many further software developments. Even though recent programming languages like Java, Python, and C++ are emerging to overtake C, the power that the oldest language holds is no joke. Many developers are still showing a willingness to learn C. Many opt for online C programming courses to explore the possibilities. However, finding the right course is difficult. Therefore, IndustryWired has brought together 7 free and paid online C programming courses for interested people.


Top Online C Programming Language Courses

C Programming Language Fundamentals at Pluralsight

For beginners, this is one of the best courses that give an overall outlook and in-depth knowledge on everything you need to know about C programmer. It generally covers all aspects of C programming starting front the flow of control to simple functions and much more. Besides, C Programming Language Fundamentals also provide a practical learning experience. 


Introductory C Programming Specialization at Coursera

Introductory C Programming Specialization develops strong programming fundamentals for learners who want to solve complex problems by writing computer programs. Through the four sets of courses they provide, students can learn to develop algorithms in a systematic way and read and write the C code to implement them. 


C/C++ for Competitive Programming at Coursera

This course denotes the importance of C and C++ programming languages in real-world scenarios. C/C++ for Competitive Programming online course introduces the basic concepts of the language such as variables, data types, conditional, loops, functions, and others. 


C Programming for Beginners- Master the C Language at Udemy

C Programming for Beginners created by Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy, Jason Fedin helps students become better developers in other languages by learning C. Learning C can help students in grabbing other languages like C++, Java, or C# by equipping them with a mental model of what the computer is actually doing when it is run on programs. 


Advanced C Programming Course at Udemy

By taking up the Advanced C Programming Course, students can become masters in the language and confidently apply for real-time or embedded C jobs or contracts. This course is designed to take student’s basic C skills to the next level and help them obtain mastery of the language by helping them understand advanced concepts of the C programming language, enabling them to master the art of problem-solving in an efficient way. 


Learn C from Scratch at Educative

The course aims to prove C as the beginning of every programmers’ journey. Lean C from Scratch provides an overall view of the code environment inside the browser. It teaches how C helps developers interact directly with memory and low-level computer operations, thereby, enhancing their programming skills and deepening their understanding. 


C Programming with Linux at edX

By taking up C Programming with Linux course, students will learn to develop and debug code in the C programming language. They will discover the foundations of computer programming and Linux, manipulate the command line, manage processes, files, and memory, and compile C code with Linux. 


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