Top Five Desirable Personality Traits of a Successful HR Manager



Human Resource is a crucial part of any business and an HR manager has responsibilities to look after every single thing- from office culture and performance reviews to health and safety and employee training. Today every company has some sort of HR structure, and as businesses globally focus more and more on the importance of the human element for driving a successful business, trained HR professionals are in high demand.

There are many courses available like the business HRM (Human Resource Management) course at Griffith College for those considering a career in HR. But to be successful at gaining an HR manager role after university, candidates need to have a range of personality traits that recruiters are looking for. Below are some personality traits of a successful HR manager which provide a boost in the career.


Strong communication skills

The most crucial part of any HR role is communicating between employers and employees. HR managers are often called upon to relay information to a range of audiences in varied ways, therefore it is important for them to carry strong communication skills. It is necessary that they are comfortable and adept at communication face-to-face, via email and letters, and on the telephone. HR managers are the first point of contact for people with problems or questions and will play a key role in any negotiations that may arise between employees and their employers. It is important that anyone considering a career in HR is able to convey messages and information clearly and concisely.


Enjoy challenges

Challenges are a great partner when working in HR management. As an HR manager, you may find yourself dealing with conflicts that arise within the workplace from time to time and the art of dealing with these in a harmonious and professional manner will be a game changer. It is considered to enjoy being challenged and to have the ability to deal with them and think outside of the box to come up with a resolution. With a desire for harmony and for everything to be ‘perfect’ and working efficiently, it is good to be able to enjoy the little hiccups that may crop up during your work week and enjoy looking for solutions.


Well organized

If working for HR, you need to be highly organized in all aspects. HR roles are made up of a different variety of tasks, and in most of the working day you will find yourself juggling multiple jobs at once – thus, there is a need to be pin-point organized. It is also likely that the HR role will come with a degree of administrative duties, so being able to keep everything filed correctly will be essential. Time management is crucial for a successful HR manager so that people can trust you; you’ll be dealing with people’s personal lives as well as their careers and they must have faith that issues will be dealt with in a timely manner.


Have empathy

When you’re working with lots of people from many different walks of life and with different career goals, it is really necessary to understand that you are one of the keys to their success or downfall. Having empathy and genuine care toward others is an important aspect of being a great HR manager. Of course, you have the company’s ideals in mind all the time, but at the same time, you should also care about your workers and employees and their needs and roles within the company. HR managers need to be people fellow staff feel comfortable approaching for help and advice.


Be cooperative

There will be many instances where you may be forced to do something that goes against what you may have already set up or planned. Being stubborn in this position will not be helpful here, nor will it aid those around you. Flexible behavior is the most essential quality of an HR – but not too flexible. You will have to ensure that everyone is kept happy. Many people will look to you for guidance, and it’s important that you’re able to balance being approachable and friendly with the ability to take control and lead staff.


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