Top Eight Best AI Engines to Try For App Development in 2022

AI Engines

AI EnginesAI Engines are tools that are used by developers to create AI-based applications. Here are the eight best AI engines for you.

An AI Engine is a tool that helps you build AI-based applications. Various AI Engines are currently present in the market. Some of the most common names are Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri, etc. All of these AI Engines serve a purpose. To start developing an AI-based application, one needs to be good at Algebra and Probability theories. Except there are a couple of languages that support and give liberty to you while developing an app, for instance, Python, R, Prolog, and more. This article features the top eight best AIF engines every developer should try in 2022.


IBM Watson

IBM Watson is the AI engine is based on the cloud service by IBM. Many companies that use IBM Watson are from various sectors like finance and healthcare. The system can help you analyze your data better making it the best AI Engines in its niche. This AI engine is capable of controlling data, owning it, data insights, and most importantly making it your intellectual property.



TensorFlow is an open-source library of software that is completely free. The AI Engine can help you with data flow and differentiable programming. The engine can be applied to a multitude of tasks making it the best AI Engine out there. It is at its core a math library that helps you integrate machine learning using neural networks. It was made to be used in-house but it is helping people all around the world.


Amazon Lex

If making a traditional interface is your goal, then Amazon Lex may be the best AI engine for you. Professionals use Amazon Lex for both voice and text. This is one of the best AI engine’s advanced deep learning functionalities that help you automatically recognize speech for TTS conversion. With Amazon Lex, you can also build an AI-based application for Amazon Alexa.


Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning is a drag-n-drop tool that experts use to build, test, and deploy predictive analytics. Some various models and datasets are integrated into the canvas. It is one of the best AI Engines for developing AI-based applications. The system can be easily connected to your experiments. This one will also help if you wish to connect your training experiment into a predictive experiment.


Infosys NIA

Infosys NIA is a third-generation artificial intelligence platform. Infosys NIA services comprise big data/analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, knowledge management, Cognitive automation abilities from mana. Infosys NIA is one of the best AI Engines out there.


Wipro Holmes

Wipro Holmes is another really great AI engine that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning offering cognitive learning for accelerated behavior. This is the reason why Wipro Holmes fits just right in the list of the best AI Engines for developing AI-based applications. With this AI engine at support, companies can look forward to more sustainable approaches. This one gives the ease of performing repetitive tasks for any company to make them more sophisticated.



Caffe is an open-source AI engine, which means anyone can use it to develop AI-based applications. It provides deep learning architecture that can get you to image classification and image segmentation. It is also capable of supporting multiple designs of neural networks, CNN, RCNN, and LSTM. Also, all the calculations can be done easily using CPUs and GPUs.



Premonition is one of its kind. The AI Engine actually deals with Law. It has one of the biggest databases of litigations. This engine uses big data to mine crucial predictions. It can actually predict the attorney’s win before the judges conclude it. This AI engine is capable of doing global searches making it one of the best AI engines to start with.