Top Customer Intelligence Platforms to Watch Out for Personalized Customer Services

Customer experiences not only include solving customer problems or responding to customers’ queries. It also includes the interior process, the method like how you are dealing with the customers, personalization of customer service, and so on. One single mistake in carrying out the process can bring down your business. Personalization of customer service is not a simple task, but with modern tools and technology, it has possibly become easy. This is the reason why all businesses are searching for modern solutions to enhance customer service and boost their business. When it comes to modern solutions, Customer Intelligence (CI) becomes the primary force to deliver personalized customer service. 

Customer intelligence helps in communicating with every customer in a pleasant tone so that they can enjoy it. This results in better engagement with the customers. So this article is presenting you with the top customer intelligence platforms around the world. 

NGDATA’s AI-powered CDP When you have a huge amount of data and big data, NGDATA’s AI-powered CDP is the one among all other platforms that can manage all that massive data and can also categorize them rationally to extract useful insights from it. It helps you to determine customer behavior and changes in trends and also keeps you engaged with your customers in real-time. The standard of Customer Intelligence greatly relies on the level of one-to-one interaction you have with each of your customers, and NGDATA lets you maintain that level by taking care of all the complicated aspects of Big Data for you.



Zeotap depends on highly advanced technology to provide the best guidance based on data. This advanced platform keeps things simple and helps in combining the online and offline data before the application of algorithms, permutations and combinations take place. This helps in making evaluations that are accurate mathematically. Zeotap’s CI emphasizes determining existing customer needs and trends and also makes assumptions on customer behavior.



Alida was previously known as Vision Critical. Alida allows companies to collect CI data on a highly focused basis across the industries like finance, healthcare, media, retail, etc. Alida helps you to understand the needs of your customers through appropriate engagement and communication. Alida enables you to make decisions with your customer and not only for your customers. Under Alida, customer intelligence is developed with customer communities, customer segmentation, profiling, and engagements. For over 20 years Alida has been helping companies with CI needs. 



Lifesight is a platform that helps companies to build strategies for customer intelligence. It focuses on the matter of constant changes that take place within customer behaviors. Also, it serves data as a solution to keep pace with those changes. Lifesight examines and evaluates the entire customer journey across platforms which provides companies with an overview of the structures and tendencies of the customers. 

It assists in identifying customer’s characteristics and personalities, which then can be used to create the right strategies to serve each customer. Lifesight also focuses on persistent computation and learning more and more to make the existing Customer Intelligence strategies more effective and successful.



The first focus of Signal is to inspect the data that its clients have gathered and then convert it into useful insights for customer intelligence. Signal also helps companies to use CI insights for improved business decision-making. If you are a company that has already collected a good amount of data, Signal can convert those datasets into actionable decisions in real-time. It will not help you to collect fresh data from customers through surveys but once data is collected, Signal is the best platform for you to improve customer engagement. 



Oracle is not an exact customer intelligence platform but the applications it serves can surely lead to improved customer intelligence insights. If you leverage the applications provided by Oracle you can definitely get great outcomes.


SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP highly emphasizes data and analytics for business growth and assumptions. SAP Cloud Analytics is a useful product intelligence tool for fast, easy, and systematic analysis of data that a company has collected. The conversational AI that powers this platform allows a company to obtain customer intelligence insights.

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