Top Countries using AI in the Fight Against Covid-19 Pandemic

Only during the lockdown, people realized the immense need for AI in the fight against Covid-19



Intended to mimic human intelligence, artificial intelligence is doing far more than that in the digital world. Initially, AI was designed to combat simple problems and address light concerns like playing chess games, language recognition, giving recommendations, etc. But during critical times, artificial intelligence merged as a savior to many of us. Yes, I’m talking about the Covid-19 pandemic. Although AI in healthcare is an old tale, nobody talked about it much before the pandemic. Only during the lockdown, people realized the immense need for AI in the fight against Covid-19. Starting from testing and tracking the contacts of Covid-19 patients to helping in drug and vaccine making, the impact of artificial intelligence was widely admired by governments and people across the globe. As a result, the central authorities of countries have started using AI in the fight against Covid-19. IndustryWired has listed the top countries that are using artificial intelligence to combat the pandemic.


Top Countries Using Artificial Intelligence to Fight Against Covid


Although Canada is not one of the worst affected countries in the world due to coronavirus, the government and private entities still adopted artificial intelligence to accelerate their fight against the pandemic. One of the biggest challenges Canada faced during the lockdown was accommodating homeless people. Initially, they wanted to detect and track down homeless people to provide staying facilities. Therefore, the country used the artificial intelligence model to identify homeless people and provide housing services along with health services. Besides, the Ontario Government has funded three researchers who were working on using artificial intelligence to identify novel solutions for understanding, diagnosing, and treating Covid-19.



India has made full use of technology during the lockdown to monitor patients, track down them, track their health records, diagnosis, treatment, etc. From understanding the virus and taking precautionary measures to streamline testing and treatment, the Indian government has used artificial intelligence to its fullest. Using AI-powered surveillance cameras, the country monitored and ensured the following of Covid-19 precautionary measures like social distancing and wearing masks. Besides Indian-origin healthcare companies are also using AI-powered models to synthesis molecules and discover new drugs to fight the virus.


United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has been using artificial intelligence and its sub-technologies in the mainstream for a long time. But only during the pandemic, it realized the need for technology in healthcare and geared up its game. In the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, AI start-ups have entered the arena of companies running to help the government. Their technologies were deployed in areas from research to healthcare to aid the UK government.



Japan has gone a step ahead when it comes to using technology for the fight against Covid. The country has realized that AI-powered robots are of great help to maintain social distancing rules and treat patients. Japan has employed sterilizing robots that use ultraviolet light to disinfect hospitals and airplanes, delivery robots to carry out contactless deliveries, and even some robots help patients at hospitals connect with their relatives and loved ones. When Japan was already an early adopter of robotics technology, the pandemic further gave the country a reason to use robot-as-a-service frequently. 


South Korea

South Korea’s core aim during the pandemic was to flatten the curve. Without completely shutting down its economy, the country used artificial intelligence to moderate the Covid-19 situation. Besides, South Korea also took hints from its previous SARS outbreak experience to give a tough fight. The country used artificial intelligence to fas-track the making of testing kits. Besides, they used technology to unleash smart quarantine information systems. The South Korean government used mobile surveillance and data to ease the burden on contact tracing.