Top Cloud Computing Startups in 2021 that is Bringing Change to the World

Cloud computing startups have increased with the growing popularity and accessibility of cloud computing.

Top cloud computing startups

Top cloud computing startups

Cloud plays a pivotal role in the ongoing digital transformation since it is the most demanded technology to streamline business operations and data analytics. The digital transformation has drastically transformed the IT sector with the introduction of cloud computing in the existing system. There is ample scope for cloud computing to thrive in tech companies through public cloud, private cloud, multi-cloud, as well as hybrid cloud. The global cloud computing market is set to reach US$380 billion in 2028 with a CAGR of 22.5%. The growing popularity and accessibility of cloud computing are urging many to migrate to cloud infrastructure. With such an immense demand, cloud computing startups providing cloud services have also increased. These startups are equipping their customers with unique, scalable, and cost-efficient cloud solutions. Let us look at some of the top cloud computing startups supplying the benefits of cloud computing to a larger audience.



This cloud startup offers a cloud-based team collaboration tool to enhance networking. With the advent of the remote working scenario in 2020, Slack gained popularity among the workforces and proved to be a good competition for pioneers like Microsoft Teams. The startup boasts of having over 2,000 apps and a robust API to allow collaborations and streamline workflow across the virtual space. It offers secure, enterprise-grade connectivity on the cloud that allows you to connect other working tools and apps.



A tough competitor in the cloud-based storage market, BackupGuru enables enterprises to streamline and back up abundant data generated each day. It allows multiple users to sync data from different devices and extends its services to a variety of platforms including social media. This Indian cloud storage startup promises to structure your data in a safe system and enables the storage of video, audio, and all other forms of data.


Cloud Minds

Cloud-connected robots are not something very usual and CloudMinds promises to provide smart humanoid robots with a cloud brain. They are connecting diverse AI skills to the cloud platform and connecting this to the robots to enable them to work like humans. According to CloudMinds, their intelligent cloud infrastructure includes a cloud brain- Harix, a nerve network- VBN, and a robot control unit- RCU. Their platform provides secure AI cloud access and Cloud Infrared Temperature Measurement Systems. Walden International and Foxconn Technology Group are two of the recent investors in the startup.



Mutable aims to serve the next generation of computing needs through its public edge cloud platform. The company originally worked as a microservice platform and later evolved into the present state considering the growing importance of disruptive technologies like 5G. The edge cloud platform provides scalable, low latency cloud computing with maximum security and efficiency compared to other traditional cloud platforms.



The company based in the United States offers Sabutai, the world’s first intelligent open-source peer-2-peer cloud computing platform. Providing P2P multi-access edge cloud infrastructures, OptDyn aims to decentralize cloud systems and enhance the accessibility of cloud services through a blockchain-backed resource exchange. OptDyn recently joined hands with GEMNET to launch the pre-sales of their eco-friendly Sabutai Blockchain Router that can serve as a plug-and-play cryptocurrency mining device that has already made headlines.



The startup provides a multi-cloud platform for real-time data analytics built based on Apache Druid, a widely accepted open-source real-time analytics database. Their high-performance full-stack product enables data visualizations and simplified data analytics anywhere. Based in San Francisco, Imply has three investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Geodesic Capital, Khosla Ventures.



Among the abundant cloud service providers, Aiven strikes out with their open-source data cloud technology that enables the creation of various apps based on the developer’s needs. Their open-source technologies like Apache Kafka and M3 Aggregator allow the creation of data-intensive applications and build new business-centric infrastructures without any pain. The startup recently raised a fund of USD 40 million in Series B Round in 2020.


Gitlab Inc

A DevOps platform, Gitlab provides an open-source collaboration platform for the development and operations team. A unified DevOps platform will enable the building of cloud-native applications by simplifying toolchain complexity and providing source code management. The company offers a single application for the entire DevOps life cycle with a CI/CD monitoring system.



The startup established in 2017 addresses the digital shift in cloud computing with the advent of 5G, AI, and the penetration of IoT, which is known as the New Edge. By providing highly programmable software-defined cloud, compute, storage, network, and security services, Pensando aims to redefine conventional cloud infrastructures by moving them to the edge, where the data is. The startup gave birth to Capri, a programmable P4 processor that is scalable and accessible. This California-based startup has Oracle, Goldman Sachs, and Ericsson among the investors.



Based out of California, Spot provides reliable cloud infrastructures by automating and optimizing them using machine learning and analytics. Their cloud services auto-scales the cloud infrastructure by predicting the resource requirements. By guiding through your cloud infrastructures, Spot ensures to deliver the best cloud services at reduced costs. The spot was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in cloud computing.


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