Top AI-Powered Google Products Revolutionizing the World in 2021

IndustryWired has listed top AI-powered Google products that are changing the tailwind of innovation

AI-powered Google Products

AI-powered Google Products

Every time you search for something in Google, a whole mechanism functions behind the screen to bring about the results you are looking for. Similarly, many Google products are pegged to artificial intelligence, making it some of the few disruptive initiatives with the potential to revolutionize many industry verticals. The connection between Google and artificial intelligence goes way back to 2007. Google introduced people to its groundbreaking work, Android. As an open-source operating system for phones, Android stole the mobile industry for more than a decade now. Similarly, Google has a separate team of researchers and scientists who specifically work on artificial intelligence development and unleash futuristic products. IndustryWired has listed top AI-powered Google products that are changing the tailwind of innovation in 2021.


Top AI-Powered Google Products in 2021

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the recent and most-adopted innovations by the company. Powered by voice technology, Google Assistant has the potential to manage users’ schedules, calendars, music, etc. The technology is infused at smartphones, smart home devices, smart wearables, and television. In order to resist language issues, Google is using machine learning to leverage seamless conversation with Google Assistant. 



TensorFlow is an open-source platform powered by machine learning. It helps anyone to get their hands on the most advanced machine learning developments ever created. Currently, more than 50 Google products have already infused TensorFlow in their mechanism to power their working. It is a vast library of data and information that allows researchers and scientists to break down the content and build disruptive systems based on that. 


Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine is something that we use every day. But have we ever thought of the amazing mechanism behind that? Yes, the algorithms and deep learning technology underlying the search engine is doing all the works while you search. Google used deep learning technology to discover more about AI algorithms that eventually helped in improving the results. Without AI, Google Search Engine would be nothing except for a rectangle box. 


Google Maps

Although sometimes we face dead-ends while using Google Maps, the technology on a whole is helping us greatly in finding the right direction. Powered by artificial intelligence, Google Maps monitors the drivers’ route and helps them find the route for their destination. Going a step ahead, the mechanism helps drivers find the direction to their destination and calculates the time it takes to reach there. It also gives traffic forecasts, indoor maps, and 360-degree maps. 



Ensemble learning is one of the major disruptions that is changing the tailwind of automatic learning. It combines various machine learning model predictions to leverage exceptional performance. Powered by ensemble learning, AdaNet uses TensorFlow to allow automatic learning of high-level models without experts’ intervention. It makes learning easy and autonomous to a certain extend. 


DeepMind Lab

Getting the advancements in deep reinforcement learning is difficult. That is why Google has come up with DeepMind Lab to help users get their hands on deep reinforcement learning developments. With the help of the three-dimensional platform for research and development, users can easily access the technology for their machine learning and AI systems. 



If you are into Python, then you must be aware of Jupyter Notebook. Although Jupyter Notebook is demonstrative, supports various add-ons, and acts instrumental, its is not easy to share. Therefore, Google has unleashed CoLaboratory to make working seamless. Users can share content remotely without any trouble. Similar to any other Google documents, it also gives an opportunity to work in the same file at the same time. 


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