Top 7 Well Paying Technology Job Alerts to watch out in May 2021



Technology, as a career option is growing. People, nowadays, are investing themselves into acquiring technical skills in order to gain an edge to their talents. Salary happens to be one of the most important reasons for this. Survey says that around 94% of tech enthusiasts looking for high paid jobs in the domain of technology.

While scavenging through the promisingly high paid one can be tedious at times, Analytics Insight tries to make your job easy by listing down the pertinent well paying technologies companies.


1. Data Architect

About the Role: Companies, to thrive, need a proper and well-formed data framework. It’s a known fact that companies struggle with a deluge of data every day and their management is of utmost importance. The need to work and create blueprints in the initial levels and conceptualizing them demands data architects. Passionate and aspiring data architects can expect to have job opportunities in popular IT firms.

Salary package: $145,500


2. Data Engineer

About the Role: Also addressed as data science ‘enablers’ data engineers are responsible for building the data structures and architectures. For acquiring the role of a data engineer, one needs to be adept in tools like Kafka, Spark, cloud platforms namely AWS, and Azure.

Salary Package: $166,500


3. Product Manager

About the Role: As a product manager, one needs to be work on technological products, the advancements that should be integrated to make them ready for the market. When hiring a product manager, companies, generally look for the ones owning excellent communication skills.

Salary Package: $121,107


4. Database Manager

About the Role: Data Managers are often addressed as the ‘keeper of the company’s knowledge’ handles the data that is being collected, stored, and mined. A masters degree in management or any other technology courses is preferred.

Salary Package: $137,500


5. Web Developer

About the Role: The demand for web developers never lessens. IT hubs and business organizations are constantly in search of web developers. The reason being, businesses are heavily taking to digitalization.

Salary Package: $124,750


6. Mobile App Developer

About the Role: The androids have entailed an app-based culture. We have apps for literally everything today. May it be health and fitness or checking the menstrual cycle, our devices have apps installed for easy access to information and operations.

Many such tech enthusiasts take joy in developing apps and tech companies are looking for them. One need not have a very high degree to be a mobile app developer as learning app development can be self-taught.

Salary Package: $135,750


7. Software engineer

About the Role: Software, applications, technology-driven gadgets are growing leaps and bounds. This is very much the reason why the demand for software engineering is on the rise with a projected growth of 22% till now.

A degree in computer science should be enough to get you the tag of a software engineer.

Salary Package: $123, 250