Top 7 Funding in Low Code Intelligent Automation Platforms

Low Code Intelligent Automation Platforms

Low Code Intelligent Automation PlatformsFunding in low code intelligent automation platforms is expected to address all the emerging staffing challenges

Low-code intelligent automation platforms increase the productivity of IT developers by leveraging ready-to-use or less code needed sources. Low-code automation is a means of automating business processes that require little coding, making it easier for non-technical business users to get hands-on with automation projects and decreasing reliance on developers and software engineers. Instead of engaging in the complex intelligent automation process, users can implement quick-to-adopt visual tools and take up low-code methods to leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Management (BPM). This article lists the top funding in low code intelligent automation platforms.



Total Funding Amount – US$47.5M

Investors- New Enterprise Associates and Novak Biddle Venture Partners

Appian recently unleashed its low-code automation platform with extraordinary features. The platform is designed to introduce a powerful workflow that could help users transform their business. Appian’s low-code automation platform unifies user data, builds applications, and automates their business. It helps customers get a sophisticated automation update with the help of data, bots, and artificial intelligence by making them manage everything through a single interface.



Total Funding Amount- US$38M

Investors- Prime Ventures and Battery Ventures

Mendix In a digital-first world, customers want their every need anticipated, employees want better tools to do their jobs, and enterprises know that sweeping digital transformation is the key to survival and success. Mendix, a Siemens business, is quickly becoming the engine of the enterprise digital landscape. Its industry-leading low-code platform and comprehensive ecosystem integrate the most advanced technology to support solutions that boost engagement, streamline operations, and relieve IT logjams. Built on the pillars of abstraction, automation, cloud, and collaboration, Mendix dramatically increases developer productivity and empowers a legion of not-so-technical, ‘citizen’ developers to create apps guided by their particular domain expertise, facilitated by Mendix’s engineered-in collaborative capabilities and intuitive visual interface. Recognized as a leader and visionary by leading industry analysts, the platform is cloud-native, open, extensible, agile, and proven. From artificial intelligence and augmented reality to intelligent automation and native mobile, Mendix is the backbone of digital-first enterprises. The Mendix enterprise low-code platform has been adopted by more than 4,000 leading companies around the world.


Total Funding Amount- US$120K

Investors- RePay Africa

IBM has leveraged a platform that helps build low-code automation apps. The IBM Automation Platform includes pre-built functionality and code wherever possible so even non-developers can build basic automation applications with little IT support. By using the platform, the business enjoys luxuries like not being limited to a narrow range of functionality, getting built-in governance, and can add capabilities to easily monitor and measure performance issues and sentiment.



Total Funding Amount- US$11.5M

Investors- Unknown

Kofax, a leading supplier of Intelligent Automation software for digital workflow transformation, has unraveled an automation platform that is specifically designed to run on low-code. The platform is designed to accelerate deployments by better enabling citizens as well as professional developers, resulting in greater business value and a shorter return on investment (ROI) for customers. Recently, Kofax TotalAgility, the company’s intelligent process automation platform, expanded its applications to employ 50 new low-code, document intelligence, process orchestration, and connected systems capabilities.



Total Funding Amount- US$100M

Investors- TCV and Tera Capital Corporation

OpenText features a low-code application development platform that helps fast-track the intelligent automation process. The platform helps organizations build digital business applications at digital speed. OpenText AppWorks aids in building smart, engaging, and easy to deploy process automation and dynamic case management applications. With very little IT team involvement, AppWork can streamline business processes, enable better decision-making, and improve user experience.



Total Funding Amount- US$76.1M

Investors- CRV and GV

Mabel brings a new low-code test automation platform to the competition. The platform can easily create, run, and manage automated browser, API, and mobile web tests. Mabel’s low-code test automation platform also has sophisticated features including an intuitive user interface, single unified platform, and reusable flows. The platform helps businesses democratize testing by empowering more team members to create automated tests with no programming required.


Blue Prism

Total Funding Amount- US$182.9M

Investors- Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank

Blue Prism is the global leader in intelligent automation for the enterprise, transforming the way work is done. It helps organizations just like yours accelerate operational efficiency and agility by making it easy for your people to automate the processes that matter most. Its intelligent digital workforce is smart, secure, scalable, and successful, freeing up humans to reimagine work.


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