Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Powered Data Protection Startup

 Artificial IntelligenceArtificial intelligence startups emerge as ready-made solution providers that support every company’s individual needs.

Artificial intelligence is the combination of two amazing concepts namely science and engineering. With the infusion of disruptive trends and human intelligence, intelligent machines and intelligent computing programs are emerging. Slowly, the flare of innovations moved away from IT and entered into diverse industries including healthcare, education, finance, marketing, business, telecommunication, etc. Organizations realized that by digitizing repetitive tasks, an enterprise can cut the cost of paperwork and labor which further eliminates human error, thus boosting efficiency. Automating processes involve employing artificial intelligence solutions that can support digitization and deliver data-driven insights. Artificial intelligence startups emerge as ready-made solution providers that support every company’s individual needs. AI startups in 2021 use big data to sophisticated AI models and leverage new solutions that could better serve customers. 


AUTHBASE develops Autonomous Cyber Defence Solution

Indian deep tech startup AUTHBASE develops AI-based cyber defense solutions. The startup’s solution identifies and mitigates attacks across networks. The startup’s platform, SHIELD, continuously learns, adapts, predicts, and responds to threats across user networks and machines. Importantly, the platform’s automatic response saves time mitigating threats while maintaining business continuity.


apheris AI – Distributed & Decentralized Data

German startup apheris AI utilizes a range of data decentralization technologies to share data while preserving privacy. These technologies include secure multiparty computation, differential privacy, and privacy-preserving record linkages, as well as federated machine learning and homomorphic encryption. The platform also gathers insights across distributed and additional external datasets. Further, the data network allows private and personal data to stay decentralized in its current location, ensuring data privacy.


BlackFog – On-Device Data Privacy Protection

The US-based startup BlackFog offers on-device data privacy and data security protection solutions. The startup employs behavioral analysis and data exfiltration technology to offer protection from data breaches, insider threats, ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing, unauthorized data collection, and profiling. BlackFog blocks threats across mobile and desktop endpoints, protecting organizations’ data and privacy, as well as strengthening regulatory compliance.


Bitnobi – Privacy-Protected Data Sharing Platform

Canadian startup Bitnobi develops a privacy-protected, data-sharing platform that keeps raw data at the source and only sends aggregate data to end-users. The platform plays the role of a data mediator, placing the onus for launching data jobs on the end-user by ensuring that they meet the data provider’s rules of engagement. This solution caters to various government, healthcare, and financial institutions.


Blue Hexagon builds Real-time Threat Protection Platform

Based in the US, Blue Hexagon is a startup that leverages deep learning to improve cybersecurity. It offers a cloud-native real-time threat protection platform to intelligently detect cloud misconfigurations and protect cloud properties at runtime. Blue Hexagon’s network security solution makes intelligent decisions on whether the traffic is malicious and enables near-real-time responses.


CryptoNumerics – Protected Vertical Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Canadian startup CryptoNumerics provides clients with a protected vertical DaaS solution. B2B organizations usually generate data that is beneficial for their customers as well. The startup combines various types of customer data to drive improvements in optimization and data modeling. The protected vertical DaaS helps B2B companies provide collective intelligence to their customers while making sure that no confidential or private information is exposed.


Intelligent – Life Sciences & Pharma R&D

Belgian startup Intelligent works at the intersection of technology and regulatory compliance. The startup helps companies in the life science industry develop solutions that embed data privacy, security, and integrity as defaults to avoid or prevent security problems. They assist firms in protecting, diagnosing, and constructing, as well as implementing smart data solutions to accelerate their transition to digital platforms.