Top 6 Biggest Slot Machine Wins of All Time


GamblingFor many of us who don’t gamble, slot machines can seem somewhat arcane. After all, you hear all the time about the jackpot on a slot machine that can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. But how many people who have actually won a jackpot do you know? In this post, we’ll be talking about the top six biggest slot machine wins.

#1 – $1,200,000 Win On The ‘Gold Nugget’ Slot Machine in 2014

A lucky player hit the jackpot while playing the ‘Gold Nugget’ slot machine game at the Treasure Coast Casino in Pompano Beach, Florida. The owner of the machine, a man who called himself ‘J-Man,’ bet a total of $6,600,000 on the winning combination. He then won over $1,200,000 in that time. You can try to repeat the lucky story of J-Man while registering at Zodiac casino and playing progressive slots there.


#2 – $819,000 Win On ‘Million Dollar Mania’ Slot Machine in 2015

In 2015, a group of friends and family in Ohio gathered in the home of one of them to celebrate a massive payout on a slot machine. The machine in question was the ‘Million Dollar Mania’ game at the Buckeye Downs casino, in Sandusky. When the machine was triggered, it paid out $819,000 to the owner of the machine, a lady who had lost out in a car wreck a few years earlier.


#3 – $400,000 Win On A ‘Double Barrel’ Slot Machine In 2012

A man playing the slot machine for several years hit the jackpot on its second spin-in 2012. He was lucky to win the equivalent of $400,000. According to the lucky one, Mike,’ the winning combination was a double-barrel when he was on a hot streak of playing. He had never won a jackpot of over $200,000 on a single spin before but was clearly glad to have broken the streak.


#4 – $325,000 Win On A ‘$25,000 PayDay’ Slot Machine in 2015

‘$25,000 Pay Day’ is a title that a group of friends took as a joke. However, it ended up paying out $325,000 for them when the machine they were playing had a particularly good run of spins. This was at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The winning combination was 4 jackpots in a row.

Slot Machine

#5 – $310,000 Win On ‘Big Money’ Slot Machine In 2011

This was another ‘$25,000 PayDay’ spin win at the Thunder Valley Casino in Paragonah, Nevada. It took the win out of the $100,000 bet that the lucky player had made. At that point, it was the biggest win on this slot machine ever.


#6 – $240,000 Win on a ‘Crazy Rich’ Slot Machine in 2013

This slot machine was at the Westgate Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. It was called ‘Crazy Rich’ for its top prize of over $200,000. The machine used a combination of a number of spins and three or more scatter symbols.  And they brought a massive win to a lucky player, who has managed to make a winning combo on a playing field.