Top 5 Linux Distros to Make Your Computer Work Better



Linux distros are a life-saver for computing customers as it enhances efficiency

Linux isn’t exactly like Windows or Mac. Microsoft combines all the bits of Windows internally to produce each new release of Windows and distributes it as a single package. However, Linux works very differently, and Linux distros, abbreviated for Linux distributions, play a huge part in its operation. Linux distributions perform the difficult part for computer users. The top Linux distros for computers also make certain choices for the users, about choosing the default desktop environment, browser, and other software. Most distributions add their finishing touches, such as themes and custom software. Here, we have listed the top 5 Linux distros for 2023 that will help you work efficiently on your computers.



Ubuntu is a simple, beginner-friendly Linux distro that is popular for advanced community support. By default, Ubuntu uses the GNOME 3.x interface. Its most recent version is Ubuntu 20.04, which is quite efficient to use, especially for business owners.


Linux Mint

Linux Mint is the perfect Linux distro for a Windows 10 user. Unlike Chrome OS, Linux Mint with several desktop environments like Cinnamon looks a lot like XP or Windows 7. It deploys a Windows icon, menu, and pointer (WIMP) interface much like the one we probably already know and use. It’s not a one-to-one match with XP or Windows 7, but most Windows users will find Cinnamon a comfortable fit.


Chrome OS

Chrome OS is an operating system behind Chromebooks and is based on Gentoo Linux. Gentoo is, however, an expert-only Linux, but users don’t need to know anything specific about it before using it. Interested users can get to Linux from Chrome OS.


Zorin OS

The core idea behind Zorin OS is to be able to help users move over from Windows, or Mac OS, to Linux. It comes in four different versions: core, and lite, and the education editions are free. Besides the ultimate version can duplicate the Mac OS look and feel, and costs only US$39.


MX Linux

This Debian Linux-based distribution has become quite popular in the computing industry. It’s a good, solid, lightweight desktop with an Xfce interface. The reason why it has become so popular among beginners is that it is easy to pick up, and they can run it on even ancient Pentium II gear.


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