Top 4 Customer Experience Trends That Will Lead in 2020

Customer experience today is the key to success for any brand. To meet customers’ expectations, businesses have to be precise, trustworthy and ensure the service they offer to be valid. Enhanced customer experience opportunity relies on the ability to deliver what a company promised in the beginning and amaze the customers with extra care and support.

Today’s smart and intelligent customers know everything, including what they want and how they want to be served. Keeping this in mind, several companies have made customer experience a strategic priority as they understand if they don’t meet their customers’ requirements someone else will. Thus, how should brands pay attention to this rapidly changing consumer landscape? What trends and priorities are most likely to dominate in the customer experience industry in the upcoming years.

Let’s take a look at Top 4 Customer Experience Trends that will Lead in 2020.

AI-Driven Customer Experience

Advances in Artificial Intelligence technology are going to transform the way businesses and consumers think about customer service, along with expectations for service itself. Companies right now are increasingly leveraging AI in resolving customers’ queries in real-time and meeting their needs. And it is expected to continue to grow in 2020 and beyond. Bots will be embraced and integrated with all the communication channels to further improve the agent empowerment and advance the quality of interaction. Chatbots have the potential to weave responses for individuals and automate route interactions that will enable customers to resolve basic concerns without agent support.

For instance, if a customer is dissatisfied with the preliminary self-assistance, the AI-powered bots can intelligently route calls to a human agent with germane expertise. And the entire conversation will record to enable swift diagnosis of the issue.

Local Agents Will Enrich Customer Experience 

As the growth of the internet continues expanding, the world has evolved into a single marketplace. Even small businesses can now cultivate their products anywhere around the world. This phenomenon has surged the demand for the additional workforce from across the time zones and locations. Therefore, the virtual call center has become the most emerging customer experience trends today. It offers a remarkable way of providing support in various locations.

Digitization Will Help Drive Better Customer Experience 

Since the world is shifting to a digital age, advanced customer experiences can only be delivered through digital transformation. It is estimated that the future of customer experience, more product and service companies will undergo complete digital transformation by 2020. However, brands will strive to gauge the effectiveness of digitalization at various points in the customer journey. So for that, companies need to design a different digital journey, map the digital customer journey and compare the conversations from one channel to another. This will enable them to replace cold calls with social selling, reach out to prospects through account-based and email marketing, personal engagement with them, provide a seamless multi-channel, real-time experience.

Predictive Analytics in Customer Experience

For every marketer or business, customer behavior is valuable data assists in delivering enhanced experience along with the service. Considering the reports, companies will embrace predictive speech analytics to find out opportunities and deliver high-touch customer experience by 2020. The uniform nature of these interactions has a direct impact on the customer experience. The predictive technology will be extensively leveraged to assess live audio streams, recorded voice files, social media engagements, emails, or chats that will help eliminate the need to revisit transactional history.