Top 10 Telemedicine Companies for You to Watch Out in 2022

Telemedicine Companies

Telemedicine CompaniesHere is the list of the top 10 telemedicine companies that are streamlining medical treatment around the world

The increase in population and decrease in healthcare workers have shined a light on telemedicine. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the situation has further worsened, bringing a sudden hype for telemedicine. Telemedicine refers to the provision of remote clinical services via real-time two-way communication between patients and the healthcare provider using electronic audio and visual means. The consultations and medical prescriptions are also done through a live digital platform facilitating the virtual meeting. The spike in the need for remote medical facilities has eventually resulted in mushrooming of telemedicine companies. Telemedicine companies are proving to be a safe remedy for medical services. IndustryWired has listed the top 10 telemedicine companies that are streamlining medical treatment.



MDLive is a leading provider of virtual on-demand healthcare services that offers complete teletherapy, virtual doctor consultation, interactive health monitoring, behavioral health therapy, and urgent care services virtually. Their cloud-based medical platforms make it simple for patients and healthcare professionals to connect seamlessly through video, voice, email, and mobile devices. MDLive is also providing urgent care services to ensure the wellness of children.



iCliniq is a global medical consultation platform with 3500 highly qualified doctors from 80+ specialties, serving patients virtually across 196 countries. icliniq has been rated among the top five telemedicine services globally by Healthline and Investopedia. iCliniq’s mission is to create a healthcare service that is easily accessible and trustworthy for both Doctors and Patients. iCliniq offers various telehealth services including consultations covering general medicine, dermatology, psychiatry, oncology, and gynecology virtually.


Amazon Care

It may come as a surprise to some, or possibly not considering the size of Amazon, that this company is at the forefront of innovation in telehealth/telemedicine. The company is built around providing comprehensive care which includes connecting you with doctors via telemedicine without long waits and contact-free prescription delivery. What also establishes this platform as an innovation giant is that the company sends someone to your home for certain labs, tests, or treatments. This model gives you the best of both telemedicine and in-office treatment. 



Becoming a new parent can be both an exciting and terrifying experience. On the one hand, you’ve created a little human being that shares your genes. On the other hand, your baby seems so fragile, and you’re often left wondering what is the right thing to do for your baby in certain circumstances. This is where Pacify comes in as a telehealth company created to advise new parents on the health and well-being of their little ones. 



PlushCare is a nationwide virtual platform that connects patients and healthcare specialists for same-day appointments. The main aim of the PlushCare team is to approach the patients at their convenient time and provide same-day appointments with world-class physicians. Not only providing medicines but also offering free consultations for students, work professionals suffering from depression, anxiety, and so on. PlushCare innovates a specialized research center for covid-19 virus transmission.


UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is a diversified telehealth company dedicated to helping people live healthier lives. UHG provides a broad spectrum of telehealth services through two distinct platforms: UnitedHealthcare provides healthcare coverage services to UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual, UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement, UnitedHealthcare Community & State, and UnitedHealthcare Global businesses.



Vidmed is a telehealth enterprise that is fusing technology and pharmacies to ease the communication between the doctor, the consumer, and the pharmacist. The company delivers convenient virtual care that improves outcomes, reduces costs, and boosts revenue. Vidmed aims to simplify healthcare delivery so hospitals can provide care when and where it is needed.


Health tap

Health tap is one of the leading healthcare organizations that has started its way to serve the people with the best medical advice since 2010. Health tap is a virtual healthcare support team that provides primary care, Women’s care, Child care, chronic care, mental and healthcare with or without medical insurance.


Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand, the nation’s leading virtual care provider, offers on-demand and scheduled visits with US-licensed healthcare providers via any smartphone, tablet, or computer. From rashes to colds, stress management to diabetes management, Doctor on Demand provides complete virtual treatments for chronic care, urgent care, preventive and behavioral health. License physicians from Doctor on Demand check, diagnose, and prescribe the right medication virtually.



1mg is a digital consumer healthcare platform that makes healthcare accessible, understandable, and affordable. It allows users to find information about medicines prescribed by doctors and also buy it. provides services like E-pharmacy, online consultations, lab tests, and authentic information.


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