Top 10 Most Successful Entrepreneurs to Watch

Cover Story : JR RIDINGER

JR Ridinger: Pioneering a New Way to Experience E-Commerce Shopping

Online shopping is instant and spontaneous but sometimes lacks personalization. It is this lack of personalization that has become more noticeable to consumers during the recent online sales boom. Moreover, during the past 17 months, online shopping has not only become commonplace but a necessity for millions of us who are now purchasing products online for their everyday needs rather than driving to a store. According to a Forbes article, online retail sales

Top 10 Most Successful Entrepreneurs to Watch

Andrew Demchenko: Transforming Ideas into Innovation through Artificial Intelligence

Gargoyle is an artificial intelligence development company that helps businesses around the globe to stay ahead of the innovation revolution and appear at the top positions near the industry leaders. It achieves this by implementing technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, neural networks, natural language processing…….

Anne Cheng: Leading the Way for a Technologically Advanced Business World

Supercharge Lab believes in reducing the futile effort, waste of time and money of its clients by targeting corporate functions that are inefficient. The company prides itself on creating humanistic approaches to automation, helping people to be themselves, and to do good with human connectivity. The two corporate functions that Supercharge Lab focuses on are sales ……..

Ciara Lewin: Driving Sustainability in Business Operations

Elite Data Hub is a business consulting firm dedicated to helping India-based organizations working with US companies. Elite Data Hub was born out of Elite Precision Consulting,a company that focuses on helping physicians and healthcare executives with their business operations and offshore vendor management. Elite Data Hub began by offering India-based companies business…………

Harris Sun: Mitigating Challenges of a Changing World of Architecture with AI

RaSpect is an AI-powered predictive inspection company for Architecture. By integrating IoT sensing technology and robotics system, the company aims to automate the process of data collection and standardize it to achieve remote detection and real-time monitoring.It further attempts to establish high-quality inspection of big data, cooperate with deep learning, image recognition……………..

Joseph Burton: An Industry Veteran Transforming Online Native Marketing

Native marketing is basically paid promotional content that is online. Unlike display ads or banner ads, native ads don’t really look like ads. The key to native advertising is that it is non-disruptive – it exposes the reader to advertising content without sticking out like a sore thumb………….

Paul Cameron:Leveraging Digital Transformation for SMBs with Right Technologies

Digital transformation is a necessity for businesses across all industries. Digitizing alone is a challenging and time-consuming process, but it’s even more onerous for small and medium-sized businesses, limited by capital and talent. ServiceQUIK is one of the leading business management platforms that provides the software solution……..

Steve Irons: Transforming the Legal Industry with Digital Documentation Solutions

Steve Irons is the Founder and CEO of DocSolid, a legal technology company that creates enterprise scanning, workflow and paper reduction solutions, i.e. DocSolid’s Paper2Digital® solutions. These patented Paper2Digital solutions are enterprise-level implementations deployed with unmatched consulting expertise to reduce the costs……..

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