Top 10 Most Effective Medical Tourism Enterprise Destinations

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As the cost of healthcare in the United States continues to rise, many voters and residents are on a continuous hunt for destinations outside the country where they’ll receive quality healthcare at a far lower rate.

In 2016, over 11 million travelers left the shores of the United States in search of various countries around the world seeking cheap healthcare. During a recent report by Visa and Oxford economic science, it was expressed that this figure can grow by up to 25 percent once a year for the following decade because the competition for health tourists between countries has becomes fiercer.

Medical procedures starting from plastic surgery, dental work, orthopedic surgery are currently be provided at top quality and cheap rates in several countries. As listed by Healthy Travel Media, publisher of Patients on the far side Borders, here are the top 10 medical business enterprise destinations round the world.


India is one amongst the key players in the medical business enterprise industry because it strives to supply health care services with its technology. Healthcare in India saves patients between 65% to 90% of cash compared to the cost of comparable service in the United States, making India one amongst the foremost visited countries for health care.

Patients visit India not just for the standard and affordability of healthcare service but also for the attractive scenery and design in India’s landscape. In India, medical travel brings a combination of delight, luxury, and quality attention for medical travelers.

Many hospitals in India are licenced by the National Enfranchisement Board for Hospitals and attention suppliers (NABH) and Joint Commission International (JCI). Some non-public hospitals in India currently offer health care packages for foreign patients which provide pick-ups from the aerodrome to the hospital, free in-room Wi-Fi, and personal chefs.


The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that Brazil ranks as the best in health care delivery in Latin America. Brazil has forty three hospitals licenced by the JCI and it boasts of getting world-renowned surgeons.

Brazil is that the hub of cosmetic and cosmetic surgery, being the third most visited country, below the United States and China, for patients needing those procedures. Brazil offers top quality cosmetic and plastic surgical services at cheap rates, drawing more and more health travelers to the country.

Florianopolis and metropolis are two cities in Brazil better-known for its medical technology, medical advances, and innovation.‍

Brazil is also a favourite for patients who request special procedures like the Brazilian butt-lift or different specialty services from world-renowned surgeons. Health travelers from the United States save 20% to 50% on health price if they receive their health treatment in Brazil.


Malaysia has won the first spot in the International Medical Travel Journal’s award for “Health and Medical business Destination of the year” in 2015 and 2016. Malaysia ranks among the simplest suppliers of attention as of South-East Asia.‍

Health travelers who visit Malaysia save 65% to 80% on health value compared to the price in the U.S.A..

Malaysia offers glorious patient comfort with five-star rooms that look more like edifice suites than hospital rooms. In aristocrat Court Medical Centre, as an example, there are indoor pools for treatment. But exquisite!

At each Penang international airports and Malaysian capital airports, is the Malaysia attention Travel Council (MHTC) which offer lounge and caretaker services to medical tourists to confirm their comfort from the minute they arrive in Malaysia.

Thailand is accepted for its distinctive cordial reception and exotic beaches. Having the best variety of internationally commissioned hospitals in South-East Asia, Thailand attracts an honest variety of medical travelers every year.

Thailand is most purported for advanced dental work in addition as cosmetic and dermatologic procedures. Bumrungrad International Hospital in port, commissioned by world Health enfranchisement for medical services, is one in all the simplest hospitals Thailand, providing advanced attention services to over 400,000 medical tourists annually.

The wealthy culture afford patients non-public recovery gardens, Thai massage and alternative styles of relaxation therapies Kingdom of Thailand is thought for. Medical services in Thailand saves a patient five hundredth to 75% on medical expenses they might have incurred for similar services within the U.S.A..


Turkey is a robust challenger in the medical business market. Turkey boasts of zero waiting times, cheap and quality provision. Specifically, in the areas of transplant surgery, irradiation for cancer, orthopaedic surgery, surgical procedure, and genomic medication.

What’s more? The country’s national carrier, Turkish Airlines, offers flight rates at discounted costs to medical travelers. Value of receiving quality attention in Turkey is 50% to 65% lower than in the US.


Mexico has 98% hospitals licensed by the country’s Federal Health Ministry and seven hospitals that are JCI-accredited. United Mexican States is most purported for advanced care in medical specialty and anaplasty. Treatment in United Mexican States saves a patient 40% to 65% compared to the price of comparable services in the USA.

Costa Rica

As Costa Rica rebuilds its economy following the harm that was done by the Tropical Storm some months ago, it’s quick rising as a frontrunner within the medical business enterprise market. This Central American country has hierarchical  high in medical specialty and anaplasty, on top of North American nation and USA, systematically in the previous few years. The country is also building a reputation within the fields of eye surgery, cancer medical aid, and bariatric surgery.


Taiwan has toughened gradual growth in medical business enterprise in recent years. With advances in the treatment of viscus diseases and orthopaedic conditions in the country, Taiwan is on the verge of changing into a hub in these medical fields.

South Korea

South Korea is one in all the foremost tech-savvy and technologically advanced countries in the world. In Korea, patients receive advanced tending services with lastest technology from well-trained workers. Korea reduces health value by half-hour to 45% for patients, compared to value in the U.S.


Singapore is one in all the foremost developed countries in the world, maintaining the highest spot in the World Health Organization’s ranking of trending in Asia. Consistent with Bloomberg, Singapore hierarchical  at the highest of nations with the foremost economical rtending systems in 2014, on top of 50 different countries.