Top 10 Indian Open-Source Projects to Look Out for in 2022

Open-STop-10-Indian-Open-Source-Projects-to-Look-Out-for-in-2022ource developers

Open-STop-10-Indian-Open-Source-Projects-to-Look-Out-for-in-2022ource developers

The top 10 Indian open-source projects to work on in 2022 and everything you need to know about them

The idea behind open source is to respect the freedom of users. Many open-source projects emerge around the world, but in this article, we’ll look at the top ten open-source Indian projects of 2022.



It was designed from the ground up with ease of use and accessibility in mind, providing all the functionality required for API developers with minimal, timid UI. It quickly gained popularity, and the majority of developer communities adopted it. The API is customizable and self-contained in this case.



Hasura is another project that accelerates API development by providing you with GraphQL or REST APIs with built-in permission on your data right away. It can run powerful queries, connect to live databases, merge remote schemas, and provide fine-grained access control.



Chatwoot is a self-hosted customer engagement suite as well. Customers can be viewed, managed, and communicated with, and they can be reconnected based on their profiles. This app supports numerous communication channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, and others. It includes CRM, Custom Attributes, Shared Multi-Brand Inboxes, Private notes, Canned responses, Conversation Labels, and more than ten language



Calibre is an open-source program that manages e-books. It has options for viewing books, converting, editing, and cataloging e-books in all major e-book formats, and it has a special feature that allows it to communicate with e-book reader devices. This project can also retrieve metadata for your books without requiring you to connect to the internet. It is compatible with all platforms, including Linux, Windows, and macOS.



ERPNext is also a strong pillar for the following areas of business management: website management, CRM, Sales, Purchase, HRMS, project management, and so on. This open-source is built on the Frappe Framework, a full-stack web app framework built with

Python and JavaScript, and it also requires MariaDB as a database. Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Frappe) owns it, and while it is still an open-source project, you must have permission to use it.



Bagisto, built on Laravel and Vue, assists you in scaling your business. vue.js with MySql and Maria DB as databases includes a decent theme, and admin panel, and provides developer-friendly support with detailed documentation. Its eCommerce solutions assist all of your clients in reaching new heights in their businesses, resulting in increased revenue for them. It has fantastic features such as a marketplace, POS, LiveStreaming, and so on. It also connects many channels, such as eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, and allows you to sell directly on the platform.



This is all about keeping all records about COVID-19 in a specific district or state of India. It is using state news flash and officials from chief ministers and health ministers to update COVID-19 numbers. A group of volunteers assists in gathering information about the patient’s travel history, whom he met, and his relationships with other patients. This will assist the country in its fight against the disease.



UVdesk is also a helpdesk solution that allows customers to communicate via email, social media, and task management to provide the best customer service possible. It refers to all PHP-based repositories. Its capabilities can be expanded by creating or integrating packages created by the uvdesk community.



Krayin enables your company to provide appealing customer service experiences while also improving sales and marketing operations. You can also use it to create and assign leads to your sales team, as well as manage your employees’ interactions with customers to ensure proper follow-up. It is also simple to use, always free, customizable to your needs, and provides support that keeps you updated on your progress.



This project is all about an online reservation system that is both free and customizable. A user-friendly site that can manage online or offline bookings can also be created with Qlo. It includes tax management, instant email notifications, multilingual support, and partial payment booking. There are numerous add-ons/extensions available to make your website more appealing and user-friendly.


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