Top 10 Deep Tech Startups in Europe to Watch Out in 2020

Deep Tech Startups in Europe

Deep tech has the potential to deliver cutting-edge innovations to businesses, whether it is large or small. This is an industry terminology span a wide array of cutting-edge technologies including AI, machine learning, quantum computing, computer vision, robotics, and blockchain, among others. In Europe, the United Kingdom continues leading the deep tech space, luring US$2.9 billion of investments in 2019.

Europe still has to do a lot compared to China and the U.S. in areas like Artificial Intelligence. According to the National Venture Capital Association, 965 AI-driven companies in the U.S. raised US$13.5 billion in venture capital through the first nine months of the year 2019, putting the sector on pace to exceed the 1,281 companies that raised US$16.8 billion a year ago. Europe is also expecting to establish its position in quantum computing, which remains at the bottom of the deep tech category in the country.

Here are the top 10 European deep tech startups to watch out in 2020 and beyond.


Founded: 2014

Headquarter(s): Munich, Germany

IDNow, a provider of digital identification and digital signature solution, which provides advanced machine learning technology for its Identity-as-a-Service platform which verifies identities in real-time. The company’s solutions ensure legal security throughout Europe and the highest level of data security. IDNow’s intuitive AI-powered solution, AutoIdent, provides optimum fraud prevention in conjunction with unparalleled conversion rates and comprehensive compliance. The company’s customer portfolio includes firms such as Commerzbank, UBS, Sixt neuwagen, Telefónica and N26.


Founded: 2010

Headquarter(s): Dublin, Ireland

AYLIEN, an AI-based startup, focuses on creating technologies that help machines understand human languages better. The company leverages artificial intelligence to empower thousands of forward-thinking enterprises and developers to glean, assess, and comprehend voluminous amounts of human-generated content. Aylien’s easy-to-use APIs and developer-focused approach to machine learning and text analytics have made the company a popular choice among developers and builders. The company’s core offerings include packages of information retrieval, machine learning, natural language processing and image recognition APIs.


Founded: 2014

Headquarter(s): London, United Kingdom

Avora is a provider of a complete augmented analytics solution powered by AI that makes in-depth data analysis as easy as a web search. The company can help businesses radically transform from data and decision paralysis to powerful continuous insight and business value. As a next generation end-to-end augmented analytics and enterprise BI solution with integrated AI and machine learning, Avora’s unique technology conceals complexity, empowering non-technical users to easily run and share their own reports.


Founded: 2015

Headquarter(s): Cambridge, United Kingdom

FiveAI, a computer software company, which offers a software platform designed for providing a solution in urban mobility in public transport to complex urban environments. The company’s platform is designed for Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to develop self-driving software. FiveAI’s team has learnt a lot from successfully developing its own high-functioning, complete autonomous driving system and testing it on London’s public roads.


Founded: 2011

Headquarter(s): Dublin, Ireland

Boxever, a Customer Intelligence cloud for marketers, leverages big data and predictive analytics to collect and analyse customer data in real time, creating a single customer view that powers one-to-one marketing and personalisation. The company helps businesses by personalising their marketing, e-commerce and customer experience to boost conversions, sales and engagement. By using AI, Boxever acts as the brain within organizations’ CRM-tech ecosystem, taking in all data about the customer, including behavioural and transactional in order to determine what should happen next and implement that action through the most appropriate channels in real time, as it happens.


Founded: 2015

Headquarter(s): London, England

CognitionX, an AI Advice Platform, offers the affluent, most comprehensive library of up-to-the-minute AI news. The company’s mission is to bring clarity to, and stimulate adoption of, AI across all organisations from global enterprises to startups, and assist in ensuring a safe and responsible transition to an AI-driven society. CognitionX closed two venture rounds in 2018, reaching over US$4 million in funding to date.


Founded: 2016

Headquarter(s): Bristol, United Kingdom

Graphcore is a semiconductor company that develops IPU-Accelerator™ cards and IPU-Appliance™ products that will accelerate machine learning applications. The company’s new processor, the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), specifically designed for AI compute, and its unique architecture allows AI researchers to undertake entirely new types of work, not possible using current technologies, to drive the next advances in machine intelligence. Graphcore believes its IPU technology will become the worldwide standard for machine intelligence compute.


Founded: 2013

Headquarter(s): Oslo, Norway

Huddly is a vision technology company that integrates hardware, software and AI to create intelligent vision products for everyone who uses video to collaborate. The company currently has two products in the market, Huddly IQ and the Huddly GO. Huddly conference cameras are designed for huddle rooms and other small workspaces. With HD ultra-wide-angle video, Huddly IQ and Huddly GO ensure that everyone is seen, even when they are close to the camera. The Company’s products are flexible, inclusive, easy-to-use and software-upgradable.


Founded: 2015

Headquarter(s): Budapest, Hungary

AImotive is the leading global solution provider of AI-powered self-driving technology. Using cameras as primary sensors, the company’s solutions mimic the visual capabilities of human drivers. As one of the largest independent automated driving technology providers in the world, AImotive’s holistic approach addresses three main industry challenges, software, development and validation tools, and processing hardware. The company’s market-ready products enable its partners to quickly deploy affordable advanced ADAS and automated driving solutions.


Founded: 2008

Headquarter(s): Zürich, Switzerland

Knime, an open-source data science software developer, offers open-source enterprise solutions and services. The company’s KNIME Analytics Platform is the leading open solution for data-driven innovation, designed for exploring the potential hidden in data, extracting for fresh insights, or envisioning new futures. KNIME also licenses KNIME Server, which enterprise functionality to productionize data science by offering functionality for collaboration, automation, deployment, and management.