Top 10 Data Science Books

Data Science Books

Data Science Books

Data Science is an extensive field that includes data analysis and scientific methods in order to extract knowledge from structured data and unstructured types of data. The field is becoming increasingly prevalent due to its vast career opportunities and sweet salary packages. Thus, many individuals search for and get enrolled in the best data science certification course.

If you are a beginner and wish to know how to begin your preparation, then the first thing is to have proper study material by your side. When you have ample and correct study material, it becomes easy to prepare for the examination.

Here, we have listed the top ten books that will help you prepare for the exam efficiently. But before that, let us discuss what data science is. So, without further ado, let us begin!


What is Data Science?

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field, wherein advanced analytics techniques are applied along with scientific principles, in order to extract knowledge and valuable information from structured and unstructured data to make good business decisions. Data science also leads to better strategic planning for the efficient and swift working of the company. The pay grade for data science is high and this is one of the major reasons that people are taking up data science courses.

Having known what data science is, let us have a look at the top ten books that are best for beginners, especially if you are aspiring to become a successful data scientist. So, let us begin!


Top 10 Books For Data Science

If you wish to extend your knowledge as a good data scientist, there are some books that you must keep at hand. Learning through books will give you a holistic view of this field.

Have a look at the top books that will definitely help you..


1. Head First Statistics – A Brain-Friendly Guide

This is one of the best books that a beginner or advanced data scientist can have. This book has a conversational tone and is very easy to understand. This book covers a lot of stats, probability, correlation, etc. If you were a science or commerce student, then you might have heard these terms. The book contains a lot of graphics and real-life examples that make it easier to understand simple and complex concepts.


2. Practical Stats for Data Science

If you are a beginner, then this book is for you! It gives you an overview of the concepts that you need to learn. This book is not too detailed, but it does give a fair view of high-level concepts. Every concept is explained well with examples. The book covers all the topics that a data scientist needs to study. Practical Stats is an easy reference book. But it is not sufficient if you wish to have in-depth knowledge of advanced concepts.


3. Machine Learning with Python – A Guide For Data Scientists

Machine learning is an integral part of data science. You can kickstart your journey toward machine learning (ML) with this book. The concepts explained in the book are very simple and provide a better understanding. The tone is friendly and helps in understanding machine learning concepts. Machine learning is a complex subject as it involves models, theories, etc. To gain machine learning knowledge along with Python, there is no need for prior learning. Just grab this book and begin your machine learning journey!


4. Python Machine Learning by Example

If you wish to learn machine learning and Python in the easiest way, then this book is the one! This book has detailed concepts of machine learning and Python along with various examples like tree-based algorithms, spam email detection, etc. This book covers the basics of Python and helps you through the tough journey of machine learning. This book is best for advanced data scientists as well as beginners who wish to have in-depth knowledge of Python and machine learning.


5. Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning

Yet another book for machine learning is pattern recognition. Whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, or a researcher – this book is for everyone. Coming to the content of the book, it covers all that you need to know about machine learning in and out. This book is a must-have if you are serious about becoming a data scientist, especially in Machine Learning, Mathematics, etc. It is also good to do machine learning courses alongside to understand the concepts better and faster.


6. Introduction to Probability

Data science includes a probability section in the exam and this is the best book for it. The explanations are very simple and provide the candidates with real-life experience. This book is one step ahead of what you have studied in school. It will enhance your basic concepts and help you build a strong foundation for advanced concepts.


7. Python for Data Analysis

As the name suggests, this book covers all about data analysis. This book is a great start for beginners who wish to have a basic knowledge of Python. The book is one of the best books as it explains the concepts in a very simple way. The book serves as a guide to know various concepts about Python. This book gives you a fair idea of what to expect in a data scientist and data analyst role. All in all, it is a well-organized book with a thorough explanation of data analysis concepts.


8. Naked Statistics

This book can make stats come alive! The tone of this book is quite witty and conversational. Trust us – you will not at all be bored while reading this book! The author explains the concepts by taking real-life examples. The book begins with the central theorem, normal distribution, and correlating machine learning with data analysis. The basics are explained extremely well in this book. If you are planning to buy this book, just note that it is good to have prior knowledge of stats so that you can easily understand what the book is offering!


9. Data Science & Data Analytics

This book provides a great introduction to big data and also emphasizes the fact that how it is important in the digitally competitive world. The lifecycle of data science & data analysis is explained in this book along with visuals. The book is organized with good structure and flow. This book includes clustering, regression, and much more with simple and everyday examples. One can easily relate to this book. It is one of the best books to expand your knowledge!


10. R for Data Science

Another book for beginners is R for data science. This book is for people who wish to learn data science using R. The book covers concepts like mean, median, mode, etc. The transformation of data is one of the core concepts that an individual learns in this book. There are different methods prescribed for the transformation of data in the book. It is suggested that before you start with this book, it is best to do an online course so that you understand the concepts of R better.

So, these are the top ten books for data science. Along with these books, it is best to do a data science certification course. The certification course will help you provide deep insights into tools and techniques of data science along with acquiring some new skills. Books are just an add-on to the concepts you will learn.

So, keep these books at hand and sharpen your skills with these courses. Become a data scientist by getting enrolled in some good certification courses from the top institutes.