Top 10 Data Labeling Tools that Will be Good for Your Business in 2022

Data labeling

Data labeling In this article, we classify the top 10 data labeling tools to help business companies in 2022

For data labeling, companies need a data labeling tool. Data labeling is crucial in machine learning, business, and AI development. A data labeling tool is software that can find raw data in image, text, and audio formats and help data analysts label data. These tools allow for easier collaboration and quality control during the entire dataset creation process. In this article, we classify the top 10 data labeling tools to help business companies choose the most suitable one.

Tagtog: Tagtog is a data labeling tool for text-based labeling. The tool’s core is an NLP for text annotation. This tool automatically extracts relevant information from text. It supports ML and dictionary annotations in multiple languages and formats.

LightTag: LightTag is another text-labeling tool designed to produce accurate datasets for NLP. The tool also delivers high-quality control features for accurate labeling and optimized dataset creation. It provides a simplified UI to help manage your workforce and simplify annotations

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth: Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth, a state-of-the-art data labeling service by Amazon, is available. This tool offers a fully managed data labeling service that simplifies the implementation of datasets for machine learning. The tool supports different labeling output types such as text, images, video, and 3D cloud points.

Playment: Playment is a multi-featured data-labeling platform. It features workflow customization, automated labeling, and centralized project management. It offers annotations for various use cases, such as image annotation, video annotation, and sensor fusion annotation.

CVAT: CVAT is a powerful open-source labeling tool for computer vision. It is not easy to grasp the overall workflow and specific use cases. The overall workflow and use cases are a bit hard to understand. It takes training to master this tool.

Label Studio: Label Studio is a web platform that allows you to explore multiple data types and offer data labeling services. It offers data labeling for every possible data type: text, images, video, audio, time series, multi-domain data types, etc. The tool is accessible from any browser.

Dataturk: Dataturk is an open-source online tool that provides services primarily for labeling text, image, and video data. It supports many data annotation requirements, including NER tagging in files, Image Bounding Boxes, Image Segmentation, POS tagging, etc.

Superannotate: Superannotate is the fastest data annotation tool specially designed as a complete solution for computer vision products. It integrates easily with any platform for a seamless workflow. This tool can speed up the annotation process with utmost accuracy.

Sloth: Sloth is an open-source data labeling tool mainly built for labeling image and video data for computer vision research. This tool can be used as a framework or as a collection of standard components that allow you to quickly create a label tool tailored to your requirements.

Labelbox: LabelBox is a well-known data labeling tool. The tool offers a command center to control and perform data labeling, data management, and data analysis tasks. The tool is configured to run in a collaborative workflow with ML teams.


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