The Technology Behind Slot Games – Is It Reliable?

Slot games

The Technology Behind Slot Games – Is It Reliable?

Slot games are the most popular games online. At least there’s an agreement among industry stakeholders with regard to this subject. Of course, this is important information given that online gambling is on a steady trajectory to becoming a force to reckon with in the bigger global economic picture. The game is simply not only when it comes to learning but also playing. Sites like SOS Game make it even easier by providing dedicated guides to online slot games.

No need to learn strategies or skills. And while that may be the case, online slots habor complex technology necessary for their running. We dissect what the RNG (Random Number Generator)  and RTP (Return to Player) are and why these aspects are important to you as a top online slots player.


Everything You Need to Know About the RTP

When searching for an online slot to play, you want one where you can win as much money as possible. The RTP is exactly what you should be looking at to give you a clear picture of how much you could bag or returned to you relative to how much you invested.

It’s a theoretical percentage that gives players a history of how the slot has been performing. Return to player is its name in full. For instance, if a slot’s RTP is set at 96.1%, it means you could theoretically receive $96.1 for every $100 spent.

Earlier on we mentioned slots being the most popular online casino game. It’s for this reason that many game studios continue to place more emphasis on different aspects of this game to attract more players.


Can You Rely on the RTP?

To a certain degree, yes. This figure comes in handy when determining your winning chances. One of the reasons you can also rely on this technology is slot games cannot manipulate these figures to misrepresent the reality of what players could get back from the game.

This is where third-party testers come into play. Their main job is to ensure the RTP rates are as advertised by the developer. With that in mind, you can trust that the numbers displayed on regulated iGaming sites are accurate.

It should be noted that implementing certain strategies when using RTP can vary from one player to another. Some players don’t factor RTPs and still end up winning big time. Other players consider RTPs a crucial element in their gaming. All in all, slots remain a game of chance.


The Random Number Generator

All slot games use a technology known as the Random Number Generator or simply RNG. The main reason for using the RNG is to create random number sequences in short intervals every day. Producing random number sequences is imperative to ensure the game is independent of outside factors. These sequences come alive every time you click the spin button.

Note that the second you click on the spin button, you also land on a random number sequence. This is what determines where the reels will land. That means the skill you need here is determining the exact millisecond you should click on the spin button. Quite a herculean task, don’t you think? It’s just as well as impossible.

What you should keep in mind is the computer doesn’t store any memory of the recent activity. This means all sequences remain random at all times. Furthermore, these RNGs are always tested by independent software testers to ensure the results remain random and independent. Some of these testing companies include GamingLabs and Technical Systems Testing (TST).


Logical Probabilities at Work or Is it Luck?

It’s often said that gambling is a game of chance. And that luck is the only factor at play when playing your top online slots. To some extent, that may be true given that it’s impossible to influence.

So, is it about good or bad luck when you win or lose in these games? Not quite. It’s simply chance working its magic or natural science, which has nothing to do with luck. Instead, it’s all about logical probabilities.

Now you understand the technologies behind how slot games work and why they remain the most popular online casino game. The RTP presents a theoretical amount you should expect from the game based on how much you invest. The RNG randomizes number sequences to ensure the outcome is independent of outside influence.

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