The “Schedule this Post” Tool is Not for Everyone on Instagram!



Schedule this Post tool is the most powerful tool that content creators can use to remain creative

Instagram has yet again announced the launch of a new feature that can be used for post-scheduling tools across all creator accounts. The in-built application, known as the Schedule this Post Tool will allow professionals and creators to schedule posts, pictures, Reels, or carousels up to 75 days in advance. The company had already started testing its tools last month with a select group of users. The Schedule this Post tool will greatly help content creators and social media users.

To use this tool, users need to click on the ‘advanced settings’ after creating a post. They will be able to see an option to ‘Schedule this Post’ and if the users toggle it, it will let them select the date and time of when the post is supposed to go live. These functions are quite similar to the Creator Studio for Instagram, launched in 2020 but absent from the official mobile application. Besides these, the company stated that it is also launching the ‘achievements’ feature for Reels, which will celebrate the efforts of creators, and those who wish to engage with the audiences creatively.

Users can get the achievements tool for staying frequent and regular with the posts, it will also allow investors to post more than one reel a week. Once unlocked, creators will be notified and can click on the ‘view’ mode in the notification to keep track of the achievements that they have unlocked until now. The feature will also show them the achievements that are yet not attained or unlocked, and will also tell them how to do so. In a nutshell, it seems like Meta is trying its best to cover all its losses with the help of introducing new features.


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