The PPE We Should Still Use When the Pandemic-Panic Ends

PRE equipment

PRE equipment

We’re all aware of how Coronavirus badly affected businesses worldwide. Although it had devastating effects, it taught us important lessons about the importance of hygiene. Just because the pandemic-panic is lessening, we shouldn’t abandon every Covid19 hygiene regulation. Below is a list of PPE equipment that should still remain in the workplace.


Germ-blocking Gloves

At work, most employers encounter many people and are exposed to numerous pathogens which risk their health. No matter which occupation they have, wearing disposable gloves forms a barrier between their hands and unwanted germs. They are especially helpful for retail workers who deal with money because it is one of the most infamous carriers of bacteria. Luckily, EasyGloves have got you covered. They make comfortable, breathable disposable gloves that defend against germs, protecting hands and hygiene!


Breathable Masks

Since Britain lifted the mandatory use of masks in July, people have been divided on whether they should still wear them. It’s wise to be extra cautious and utilize a mask in highly populated areas, such as cinemas and shopping centers. This protects us and others because not only is there still a small Covid risk, but also germs from many other infectious illnesses that spread in large crowds.


Hygienic Hand Gel

Healthcare workers utilized hand gel before the Covid19 pandemic. But since it wreaked havoc on our world, workplaces everywhere have followed suit. Due to widespread vaccinations, there is a lesser risk of Coronavirus. However, it’s important to remain vigilant and aware of other additional harmful germs. Therefore, it’s wise to maintain the use of hand sanitizer in the workplace because it’s still beneficial. Also, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t kill all germs. Scientists recommend that if you’re able to, you should wash your hands with soap and warm water in combination.


Stay Safe with Disinfectant Spray

During the pandemic, many workplaces were given disinfectant sprays or wipes to clean their desks and tables in the staffroom. Not only did this help to minimize the spread of Covid, but it also eliminated other potentially harmful germs. Before the pandemic, these sprays were only used by cleaners. However, if they are accessible to all staff, then they can ensure that their work environment is hygienic.


On-Site Thermometers

Employers may want to consider keeping thermometers in their workplace. Not only do they indicate that a person could have Coronavirus, but they also detect when a member of staff may have another infectious illness, such as Influenza or TB that you wouldn’t want other staff members exposed to. Moreover, it’s a good idea to keep accessible thermometers for employees because sometimes people are reluctant to leave and try to finish their shift. If they’re able to see that they have an unhealthy temperature, it will help them decide when to go home.

For business owners, PPE provision may seem like an unnecessary financial burden when the risks of Coronavirus eventually diminish. However, by continuing to implement the personal protective equipment listed above, high-quality hygiene will always be maintained.