The Must-Have Attributes of a Successful CTO



The Chief Technology Officer or CTO is the executive-level position in a company who oversees current scientific and technological issues within the workplace. Society may get confused with the job roles of Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Science Officer (CSO) but CTO should always report to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer). The main responsibilities include monitoring technological and scientific trends to influence business goals efficiently to drive revenue in the tech-driven world, detecting scopes of opportunities as well as risks for the company, and participating in management meetings for effective corporate governance. Multiple companies have identified the need for adopting cutting-edge technologies to gain a competitive edge in the competitive market across the world. The workplace needs someone professional to look after technological concerns efficiently and effectively. There are more than 1,000 openings for CTO job roles with lucrative salary packages per annum. Thus, aspiring CTO needs to process a self-evaluation to ensure whether their traits are fit to be the best CTO in the industry. The amalgamation of multiple qualities makes a team respect its CTO. Let’s go through some of the essential traits to be the best CTO in 2021.


Sufficient Technical Knowledge

Aspiring CTOs must have sufficient technical knowledge by having an in-built interest towards in know-how, updated versions, newly launched, and many more. There should be a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from any technical and engineering background from a UGC-recognized educational institution. The person should be well-versed with updated minute details of multiple cutting-edge technologies with a few years of hands-on experience at different levels. There should be a clear understanding of any popular programming language such as Python, Java, etc. with the pros and cons.


Strong Communication Skills

Chief Technology Officer should possess strong verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills in English. Aspiring CTO must be well-versed with technical terms to have a professional conversation with developers and business clients. The candidate should be confident to have a technical conversation through multiple video conferencing apps or face-to-face communication. It is necessary to have excellent listening skills to proceed with the conversation in the workplace.


Understanding Priority Work

The best CTO will be awarded to a person who has a clear understanding of priority work within certain tight deadlines. Aspiring CTOs should know when they need to code and manage team members with sufficient orders and motivation. CTO should always ensure the quality control and support of team members within his potential to complete assigned work within deadlines. Completing priority work needs ego to be kept aside to meet market demands. CTO should have sportsmanship and team player skills to make compromises, when necessary.


Balanced Mindset with Critical Thinking

To be the best CTO in the industry in the nearby future, one must have a balanced mindset with critical thinking. CTOs should focus on both external and internal measures of technology and scientific research. There must be a strong critical thinking skill to evaluate how the company can utilize which technology at which time to drive new business goals and revenue. The person should critically think about competitors’ moves and disruptive ideas before implementing any final strategy.


Keen Eye for Unique Designs

Chief Technology Officer must have a keen eye for unique designs beyond only coding. The person needs to understand the unique designs of a computing infrastructure or products and services to gain a competitive edge in the global tech market. Innovative designs tend to attract the eyes of partners, investors, and stakeholders that can enhance brand loyalty in the long term. Thus, it is essential to possess a keen eye for creative designs to be the best CTO in the industry.

That being said, any aspiring Chief Technology Officer possessing these essential traits that are in-built from the beginning can be the best CTO in the industry in the nearby future. If any of the traits is lacking, one can keep practicing it to enhance the skill for future use. Be confident and strive for success as a successful CTO!