The Metamorphosis of an Online Community into a Digital City



Some crypto fanatics desperately say that crypto will succeed in becoming the greatest thing that the tech world has ever seen, whereas, critics say that the case would be entirely the opposite. A common belief that most young crypto and blockchain enthusiasts possess is that these new tech developments might help build a huge community, which can compete with the philosophy of other social platforms like Twitter or Discord. This part of the belief certainly came true. Crypto DAOs have emerged as an important medium for socializing in the crypto domain. These communities are generally referred to as social DAOs, it’s like forming a huge digital city.

A new digital city that is making strides in the online crypto community is the Friends with Benefits DAO. The FWB DAO has become quite popular in the Web3 space. It is a new social community token that is bringing collective culture and technology together. FWB is well-renowned as a self-organized, creative, and internet-native community that enshrines human values at its core and creates marvelous things cooperatively.

FWB’s primary goal is to equip cultural creators in the community with Web3 tools as they need to gain agency over their production through the concepts and tools of Web3, building diverse spaces and experiences that creatively empower participants, developing tools, artwork, and products that showcase Web3’s potential. The DAO has already made significant progress in turning the Web3 online community into a digital city.

The social DAO has it’s token referred to as the FWB token which is the actual gateway to the FWB DAO that connects like-minded people for a collective cause. The token has a minimum of 1 million supply and cannot be minted further. It was called the $FWB classic token, which is currently replaced with the $FWB pro token.


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