The ‘Matrix’ Heartthrob Made People Angry with his NFT Charity!


nftNFT is easily reproducible to Keanu Reeves, who wants a metaverse that wasn’t invented by Facebook.

Keanu Reeves, the hero of the Matrix trilogy, does not want Facebook to create the Metaverse because he thinks the idea itself is much older. Reeves recently said in an interview with The Verge on the metaverse and NFT, “Can we just not have metaverse be like founded by Facebook? The concept is a lot older.”

With interoperability, avatars, natural interfaces, teleporting, Home Space, presence, and digital commodities as some of its essential components, Mark Zuckerberg sees the “metaverse” as going beyond the internet as we know it. It should be mentioned that Facebook or Meta, as it is currently known, did not come up with the concept of the metaverse. The Neal Stephenson book Snow Crash is where the concept first appeared. Obviously, the future Silicon Valley promotes now is not as dystopian as it is in the book.

While addressing the impending $50 Matrix NFT from Warner BrosReeves also shared his opinions on NFT. He said that NFTs are something that cannot be copied but can be easily replicated, referring to people’s ability to right-click and save photographs.

It’s interesting that he also mentioned owning some unnamed cryptocurrency in the interview. He joked, “I have a little HODL.” As long as Facebook keeps out of it, the actor continued, he is not opposed to decentralized technology like crypto or metaverse. NFTs give customers access to the blockchain network that supports cryptocurrency so they can possess uncommon digital artifacts. NFT allows for the ownership of all types of art, tweets, music, GIFs, and other digital assets.

In the meantime, Bollywood actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, and Sunny Leone are also hopping on the Bitcoin bandwagon. A recital of his father’s classic poem Madhushala, as well as freshly released NFTs from Bachchan, was acquired for around Rs 7.18 crore ($966,000). Additionally, the NFT series of five digital sketches by Bollywood fashion designer Manish Malhotra was auctioned for about Rs 2.8 lakh. NFT, or non-fungible tokens, are setting new benchmarks in the cryptocurrency industry. According to a recent study by Cointelegraph, people have already spent over $9 billion on NFT sales, and by the end of the year, total NFT sales are predicted to reach $17.7 billion.

Despite being tried-and-true methods for fundraising, NFT and cryptocurrency are nevertheless viewed with skepticism by a sizable portion of the general public. That’s great, however, there have been a lot of NFT frauds, insider trading scandals, and other things. The critique is completely understandable as long as it is supported by verifiable facts.

But the most important thing is that it must be supported by evidence. Because NFTs have been utilized both negatively and extremely positively. This issue is particularly significant in Reeves’ situation because he entered the NFT industry by founding the Futureverse Foundation with his long-term partner Alexandra Grant.

According to the news release, this nonprofit foundation seeks to offer chances for “underrepresented artists [to] display their work on digital and physical platforms.” It works closely with Non-Fungible Labs and FLUF World. Given FLUF World’s prior fundraising initiatives for topics like homelessness and the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine, their cooperation in this foundation is very encouraging. FLUF World has raised more than $2 million for a variety of causes since its founding in 2021. Reeves and colleagues plan to use this organization to “create a better environment for artists,” with the arts as their intended next recipient.