The Kiss of Digital Transformation Trends: A Positive Change for Companies

The world is going gaga over digital transformation. The deadly pandemic called COVID-19 has taught and actuated the importance, and the need to embrace digital transformation in full swing. 

Digital transformation, the phenomenon, has tapped upon almost all sectors. It is now deemed as a magic tool, improvements without which are impossible for industries, business organizations and business sectors. Digital transformation that was initially confined to IT hubs and laboratories carrying out studies on artificial intelligence and high-end technologies can support digitalization, are now finding their ways to all sectors including agriculture. In order to cope up with a rapidly changing world and a market that undergoes considerable changes in terms of behavior and patterns, industrialists and business personas are expected to adapt to a new digital world that envisages a physical contact-less future and an increasingly accurate and efficient work environment. 

For this reason alone, IT giants and popular business houses and organizations that indulge into the production and manufacturing of AI-driven gadgets like self-driving cars and automated vehicles, humanoids and machine learning tools, have multiplied their investments to make significant augmentations into digital transformations. 

This article is devoted to discuss the three soaring trends of digital transformation which are believed to be the coolest ones of 21st century. Few of these are: 

  1. Digital transformation as it is 

More than 90% of the tech giants and IT sectors have made significant changes to their business infrastructures by making increments in their digital quotient. This is counted as their digital transformation and this was achieved by 2020. 

Many others who are following their footsteps are also realizing the need to incorporate digitalization and transform themselves digitally. Surveys predict that this objective will be achieved by the end of 2021. 

Incorporating digital advancements and changes in the infrastructures will speed up their performances along with revenues the companies and the organizations earn. 

      2.Change in technological scenario with generational change 

The predecessors of the today’s generation were familiar with an environment devoid of machines and high-end technological gadgets. The generation that followed had a taste of the medicines of technology and was assisted by technologies to carry out tasks smoothly. 

The current generation prefers getting everything done machines so that they can divert and devote most of their time in value-added activities. The fact that humans are prone to errors which can mark the accuracy of data produced and transition to digital is strongly practiced. 

This shows how changes in generation cause transformations in the implementation of technology to make alterations in business behaviors. 

        3. The presence of resilience in technology

In the wake of COVID-19, it is important for technologies to be highly resilient. 2020 has triggered series of uncertainties and unpredictability even for the organizations and industries that are technologically rich. This anxiety drives the reason for it to be highly resilient because the resilience of technologies is synonymous to the resilience of business organizations and companies.