The Big Election: The Big Issue

It has boiled down to one of the two theories- ‘Healthcare a fundamental right’ or ‘Healthcare a Marketplace’.

A Mairch Kaiser Health poll found 59% of Americans do favor a Medicare for all plans including, about one-third of the Republicans also. One in ten voters said candidates’ reviews on National Health plan would be the most important factor they will consider in the midterm elections. Healthcare is the top voter issue as elections enter final weeks. The poll reading is the latest evidence that Democrats are well positioned to benefit from unpopular GOP attempt to repeal Obamacare.

Donald Trump in one of the latest conferences spoke, “this is no mistake but a replacement of Obamacare. It is a great plan we have and ultimately it is not about the country but it is about the individuals.” Pre-existing conditions have become a major Flashpoint among key races in the 2018-midterm elections. Democrats have charged that Republicans are in favor of revoking pre-existing condition protection as part of the effort to repeal Obamacare. Polls also read that 66% of candidates support for opposition to Trump will be a factor in whom they support. However, the voters did not break down whether the voters are more or less likely to support the candidates’ who is for Trump.

Barack Obama while recently interviewing with, an online magazine says, “come up with things that will make the world better for people and many Democrats like me will be there to support it.” The Obamacare was signed on 23rd March 2010, creating individuals which expanded for almost 20 million adults. The best-case scenario, which is not realistic at this point is republicans pick up very specific parts of the law, that don’t like with the Democrats and work together to fix those, but that is not what the Republicans I looking at. The Republicans want to repeal it, they want to start over and keep something better than the previous. The Republicans are also finding it difficult to end a program that covers 20 million people and to end insurance to all these people. A pole reads the percentage of uninsured people in 2010 was 22% and 2016 was 11.9%. Many people due to this repealing can lose their healthcare if there is no replacement.

Obama added, “If they come up with a better replacement something cheaper than what we talked in Obamacare and helps people I am for it and there to support it. When in 2009-2010, the Democrats were all open for the ideas from the Congress and Republicans but they got was a big ‘No’ from the Republicans. There are some Republican plans for replacement also.

Healthcare was at the top of the list with 30%voters and 21% for jobs. The pre-existing conditions have become a major. Democrats have charged that Republicans are in favor of a revoking pre-existing conditions protections as a part of the effort to repeal Obamacare. Tough President Trump won big in Kentucky but the state also depends heavily on Obamacare. “Trump not thinking about the little people” were the words of a patient suffering from lung cancer in a local clinic in Virginia. Obama health care has saved a lot of people but now they pay the price. Along with mobile dental and medical units, WVHR sees over 26000 patients over a year. The ACA’s high cost has been at the heart of the Republican attack for years. Repealing the Act was a cornerstone of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

What is the cost of falling in the United States? Well, we are guessing the elections will decide.