Organisations all around the globe have started adopting optimised technologies for the ideal use of resources to pave the way for growth and success. The whole network working in a digital savvy ecosystem has one core thing – that is data. The goldmine of data gives birth to the transformation of industries with the power of big data analytics.

The data generally acquired by organizations are quite complex and need advanced technology for its processing instead of conventional ones. As a result, organisations are encompassing big data analytics techniques to synthesize large volume of data rather than depending upon trial and error methods. There are several ways in which companies at different scale are inculcating the system of big data to obtain the best potential outcomes. Big data in itself is a vast subject to explore. Real-time data analysis, predictive data analysis, usage of emotional AI and sentiment analysis are a few specimens driving innovative disruption of companies in the new-age market. Cryptek Labs is one such organisation that believes in bleeding edge technologies for blue sky results.

Cryptek Labs is a data-driven performance marketing agency. The company uses predictive behavioral targeting and real-time voice sentiment analysis to identify and acquire new customers for its clients. The company believes data is the key to create meaningful interactions at scale between consumers and the companies they love. Cryptek Labs core service offerings include:

1. Affective Computing (Behavioral and Emotion AI): Real-time voice sentiment analysis deriving human behavioral informatics from speech and language.
2. Predictive behavioral targeting utilizing big data for customer modeling, targeting and analytics.
3. Real-time deep neural traffic-management system.

Getting Big Impact from Personalised Data

Traditional marketing has been ‘talking at people’, and not always at the right people. Much of digital marketing hasn’t made meaningful improvements on this – it simply introduced a new channel for indiscriminately blanketed ads. The company set out to be able to target the right people, in the right place, at the right time, sending them to the best-performing sales rep, and then speaking to them in the right language. Each step of this process is achieved through various aspects of their proprietary and patent-pending technology. The benefits of this include: saving companies money with more targeted prospects, closing more leads through speed to contact and skills-based routing, and making brands more personable by speaking to targeted customers in a language conducive to both their mood and personality type.

The Co-founders of Cryptek Labs have been active tech enthusiasts and contributors since the pioneering phase and growth phase that started the digital era. Both of them have memories of managing active bulletin board systems followed by the explosion of consumer interest, the mainstream adoption of the World Wide Web, and T-carrier connectivity in the 90s. Since then, they have continued to see the vast potential of disruptive technologies. The ethos of everything the company does is based on how these technologies can provide results.

With that in mind, Cryptek Labs core beliefs are:

1. Nothing is impossible; only improbable.
2. The limits of possibility are defined by time and resource allocation.
3. The company doesn’t believe in magic, but creates it.

Data is now used to define a project or goal as opposed to simply analyzing the results of an initiative. While consumers are given more choice, targeted analytics is fundamental to survival and businesses need to take heed if they want to remain competitive.

The Visionary Leader

Kyle Barker, Co-founder and CEO of Cryptek Labs has recognized that in this fast-paced industry, innovation and agility to respond to new opportunities is critical in driving growth. His vision is to take big data to the next level, adding the human element through means such as affective computing, and working with businesses to ensure data is understood as a key driver of results. He takes a bullish stance on the positive impact of applying artificial intelligence (AI) to antiquated processes. He also sees the power technology has for social good while advocating for privacy rights, especially through blockchain technologies. For instance, predictive behavioral targeting and real-time voice sentiment analysis are often viewed in direct opposition to customer privacy. As a data privacy advocate himself, he envisions a world where advertising, which isn’t going anywhere, can be harnessed by the consumer. People should be able to choose what data they share with advertisers, and in turn, they should be directly compensated instead of centralized tech giants, he believes.

Unique Solutions Contributing to Big Data Industry

Through generative adversarial networks, natural language processing (NLP), and affective computing, machine learning is advancing to true intelligence, creativity and perhaps even consciousness. Cryptek Labs is working in the affective computing space, to bridge human intelligence with machine intelligence in order to benefit its clients and society at large. These technologies augment human experience and wisdom in new ways. One of the sectors the company is most interested in contributing to is smart cities initiatives through a real-time traffic management neural network system. Optimizing traffic flows has a few key benefits for communities: The first is a reduction of travel time for motorists. The second improvement is the reduction of idle time at red lights, which lowers pollution. The third is the ability to re-route traffic for emergency vehicles in the case of a major incident. Some traffic management systems analyze traffic patterns and problems and provide suggestions for the city to implement at a later time. In contrast, Cryptek’s holistic, adaptive traffic management system acts in real-time through a hierarchy of artificial intelligence algorithms to respond to the needs at hand.