The 10 Most Influential Women Leaders to Follow in 2021

Cover Story :Cathleen Kelly Rebar

Cathleen Kelly Rebar: Leading the Change in the Legal Industry Through Expertise and Excellence

Rebar Kelly was formed upon the principle that long-term relationships flow naturally from recognizing that clients are true partners. The company understands that problems come in all shapes and sizes. Its lawyers have tried hundreds of cases to successful verdicts and have served as the lead counsel in some of the insurance industry’s most high-profile cases.

The 10 Most Influential Women Leaders to Follow in 2021

Business Profiles

Helen Pospelova: Building Cross-Cultural Connections through Digital Intelligence across the World

ABBYY is a digital intelligence company that empowers organizations to access the valuable, yet often hard to attain insights into their operations that enables real business transformation. The company believes that data provides the fuel for digital transformation. When enterprises are finally able to access the wealth of existing data through the performance of their processes and the content moving through them, they gain the critical insight necessary to raise their Digital IQ.

Jeanniey Walden: Empowering Employees by Innovating On-Demand Pay Benefit Solutions

DailyPay is a financial solutions company that reduces employee turnover by letting them control when and how often they are paid. Founded in 2015 with a unique mission to support American workers, the company offers employees unprecedented control over their pay through an on-demand pay benefit. Today, DailyPay partners with more than 80% of the Fortune 100 companies that provide an on-demand pay benefit.

Lisa S. Jones: Delivering the Best Visual and Engaging Email Communication Experience

Email is one of the most widely used communication tools in the world today. While email is still the go-to–tool for many individuals, businesses often find the drawbacks outweigh the benefits when messages are not effectively deliverd to recepients. Common problems faced by businesses is the size and format of email communications which includes sending video and audio messages.

Lori Sundberg: Fueling Data-Driven Technology Innovation for Today and Beyond

Western Digital creates environments for data to thrive. As a leader in data infrastructure, the company is driving the innovation needed to help customers capture, preserve, access and transform an ever-increasing diversity of data. Data lives everywhere – from advanced data centers to mobile sensors and personal devices – and Western Digital delivers industry-leading solutions to enhance the possibilities of data. Whether it is in the customer’s pocket, home, car, or the cloud, Western Digital works with them in every step along the way.

Mary Ahrens: Delivering Innovative Hair Accessories to Help Children in Need

Hair4Good is a philanthropic hair care company that offers elegant, fashionable, upscale hairbrushes and accessories. The company’s goal is to help make the world a better place by helping children in need. Launched on March 17, 2020, the company donates 50% of its profits to children’s charities. Hair4Good’s supported charities include St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Autism Speaks, Lifting up Westchester, and Circle of Care.

Megan Capriccio: Amplifying the Acceleration of Products and Services for Women’s Health

Throughout their lives, women’s bodies go through significant shifts, leading to variations in health issues for different age groups. This includes a number of gender-specific problems, such as pregnancy, menopause and female organ diseases. It is therefore necessary to identify the fundamental problems and take steps to avoid them.

Nazia Shahrin: Proactively Driving Transformational Change in Financial Industry

RBC Personal & Commercial Banking is part of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) – a leading provider of financial services. Operating since 1869, RBC is one of the largest banks in the world and the fifth-largest in North America, as measured by market capitalization. RBC Personal and Commercial Banking brings together Canadian, Caribbean and US Banking. In Canada, RBC has the strongest retail banking franchise and has one of the key market positions in business financial services.

Neena Vlamis: Revolutionising Mortgage Service with Innovative and Futuristic Lending Solutions

A and N Mortgage Services works with the motto, ‘With our loans, you’re not alone,’ and the company’s employees take this to heart. A and N is not a company that is looking to make deals, rather they are working to build relationships. A and N Mortgage Services, Inc. is an established, respected mortgage company based in Chicago, IL. As a mortgage banker, A and N offers a wealth of different loan programs and have access to over thirty banks, credit unions, mortgage

Nicole M. Heimann: Driving Innovation Through Sustainable Leadership Alliances

Nicole Heimann is an award-winning Executive Coach & Advisor and Executive Team Coach. She is the author of “How to Develop the Authentic Leader in You – Integrating the Seven Dimensions of Leadership Intelligence”, a successful book on leadership. She is also a keynote speaker on Elevating Consciousness through Authentic Leadership, and is the founder and co-CEO of Heimann Cvetkovic & Partners AG


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