The 10 Most Influential CEOs Rising to the Top in 2021

Cover Story : TED KOHNEN

Ted Kohnen: Building Resilience, From Brands to Businesses to the Boardroom

It should be no surprise that a once-in-a-century global pandemic has tested the world’s strength and resolve like no other challenge in decades. Business models have transformed. Supply chains have stretched. Social and political discourse has radically intensified. Most obviously, the physical health of virtually every person and, as critically, our mental and emotional well being have been pushed to our limits.

The 10 Most Influential CEOs Rising to the Top in 2021

Jason Lee: The Architect of a Successful and Intelligent Infrastructure Ecosystem

Ecological infrastructure refers to the natural or semi-natural structural elements of ecosystems and landscapes that are important in delivering ecosystem services. It is similar to‘green infrastructure’, a term sometimes applied in a more urban context.

SmartCone Technologies Inc. (SCTI) is an intelligent infrastructure ecosystem……..

Kash Shaikh: Taking Charge to Enhance Technology (and Lives) in the New Normal

Kash Shaikh is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Virtana. He joined the company in 2020 to launch their next generation SaaS unified observability platform and prepare the go-to-market team to help customers along their journey to the cloud. Beyond the day-to-day, a large part of his role is to ‘make the complex simple’ for Virtana’s customers, partners, and employees………….

Madhup Mohan Mudiraj: The Man Behind the Innovation of Fastest Delivery

Madhup Mohan Mudiraj, an Indian-Australian business executive, is the CEO and the Co-founder of BRANG. He is a Director at INK IT solutions, a leading technology consultancy, and provider of CX, ERP, and HCM solutions across various industries……………..

Paul Humphrey: A Serial Growth Accelerator Creating and Building High Performance Teams

Call Journey is a global leading advance speech analytics company, utilizing  interactive AI to enrich the way organizations understand their customers. They have an advanced ecosystem called Voice AI, that can capture and analyse every conversation the organization has with its customers ………..

Rob Rosenberger: Transforming the Marketplace with Effective Best Practices Powered by Technology

Blackdragon is the first and only of its kind, matchmaking platform helping companies to win contracts with the US Government. As the largest and fastest-growing bid and proposal (B&P) firm throughout the federal industry, Blackdragon is a global coalition of ……..

Trevor M. Saliba: Delivering Measurable, Sustainable Results through Strategic Consulting Solutions

Management consulting firms focus on helping enterprises with the most critical issues and opportunities to transform businesses, catalyse innovation and accelerate profitable growth. One such firm which enable organizations to improve time-to-market, boost quality and become a truly adaptive organization is NMS Consulting led by Trevor M. Saliba……..


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