Technology Skills Today’s Entrepreneurs Should Learn



Entrepreneurs in any environment need a specific set of skills to thrive. After all, running a company is no small feat. It requires an exceptional level of commitment, a knowledge of how to lead a team and delegate tasks, and phenomenal communication and creativity capabilities. However, as the world continues to digitally transform, we’re also seeing a greater demand for potential successful business leaders to develop their understanding of the technology world. Even if you’re building a company without a direct connection to the tech landscape, you may benefit from learning a little more about the landscape. Here are some of the technology skills worth developing to give your company the best possible chances of success.


Decide How to Develop Your Skills

Before we cover some of the technology knowledge you might want to develop if you’re planning running or launching your own business, it’s worth taking some time to think about how you’re going to get your education. The easiest option is generally to seek out a degree, online course, or certification which can help you move in the right direction. Even many graduate business degrees provide an insight into the tech landscape and the tools most business leaders use today. So, if you haven’t earned your degree already, it might be worth taking out a student loan and investing in your education going forward.


The Tech Skills Worth Building

Now you have a plan for how you’re going to expand your knowledge, you can begin to think about where you want to focus your attention. If your organization isn’t going to have a direct connection to the tech world, you probably don’t need to turn to drone technology and instead can focus on the skills you’ll want to build around using tools and systems to strengthen your brand, reach new customers, and boost profitability. Here are some of the options with the highest return on investment for entrepreneurs:

  • Basic HTML coding: Even in a world of no-code and low-code technology, it still helps to have a simple understanding of how HTML coding processes work. You don’t need to know everything there is to know about programming. However, understanding how to make simple changes to your business website and app could mean you don’t have to spend as much on hiring experts to maintain your digital assets.
  • Analytical skills: Virtually every business owner can benefit from having a better understanding of how to use analytical tools. Increasingly, companies are relying more heavily on data collected from their websites, customers, and sales professionals to guide them towards better business decisions. Knowing how to use systems like Google Analytics can assist you in developing more effective marketing strategies.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Every business needs a powerful online presence to ensure it can connect with the right customers, investors, and partners. As such, it’s worth having a basic knowledge of how the search engine algorithms work. While you can always hire specialists to work on SEO campaigns on your behalf, you should at least understand how things like technical SEO, keywords, and backlinks work to boost your business.
  • Cloud skills: The cloud has become a central tool of virtually all businesses these days. It’s the environment we use for storing data, collaborating with team members, and facilitating communication. With this in mind, it’s helpful for entrepreneurs to understand how simple cloud environments work. At the very least, you should know how to choose the right cloud landscape for different use cases and goals.
  • Automation: Knowing how to leverage automation can be an extremely useful way for business leaders to save time and money. In the right circumstances, tools with automation capabilities can handle everything from email and social media marketing, to scheduling on your behalf. Most of the solutions available for building automated workflows today are also surprisingly easy to use.

While some technical skills will require a more advanced level of education and guidance, other talents can be developed by simply reading up on information online, or working with a mentor. Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the value of tech skills for modern entrepreneurs.