Technologies That Could Automate Human Lives



Automation is Shaping Human Lives by Reducing Manual Work

Automation is gradually becoming part of almost every industry, from assembly to manufacturing and everything in between. Nowadays, advancements in technologies are also automating household works. Let’s see how emerging technologies are shaping human lives.


Safer Workplaces

Automation often gets a bad rap for stealing jobs or eliminating low-skilled positions, but bringing automation into the workplace makes the process easier and safer. It can take over repetitive or risky tasks that could lead to injury or death, effectively removing human workers from dangerous situations and preventing the 2.9 million accidents each year.


Monitoring Health

The concept of using a smartwatch or a wrist band with a tracker to see one’s latest health information and statistics is now strongly established. The next move in this field will probably see smart trackers located around the human body and home, allowing the individual to monitor the whole health situation all the time carefully.

It’s now easy to imagine a series of sensors fitted a home, all associated with the internet where they can be used in big data analysis, and delivering a feed to the owner’s mobile device. In the event of critical issues being identified, an alert could be sent automatically to the relevant health authorities, allowing them to act swiftly and get in touch with the person.


Improving Banking and Finance

Automation can be useful for even simple skills, like managing bank operations and finances. Banking may seem like a very traditional industry where the human touch cannot be replaced. Yet, this is another industry where automation is being looked at very closely. For the moment, many of the most exciting changes are for the benefit of the banks, as they increase productivity by automating some of the processes that workers have previously had to carry out manually. However, automated banking could also make the best use of money by moving cash between accounts and providing alerts when attention is required.


Expanding Product Variety

New products won’t require to go through multiple prototype stages once automation becomes conventional in manufacturing. Instead, designers will need to plug their designs into the computer. The automated systems will do the rest, potentially even calibrating manufacturing equipment to meet specific requirements, utilizing the internet of things (IoT) to streamline communication without the need for human oversight.


Assisting to Cook and Clean Up

The idea of having a robotic assistant is to do household works, including preparing meals and cleaning up. At the beginning of 2020, Samsung introduced a robot chef named Bot Chef to the world. It has arms like a human, but with three fingers and four joints on them.

They unveiled it with the idea that it helps chefs with their jobs rather than cooking on its own. The chef can give it voice commands to carry out specific tasks like slicing vegetables or stirring a soup. It isn’t yet clear when it will be available in the market for ordinary people.

These are some of the areas where the latest advances should help humankind enjoy life more and make better decisions in the future. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see more emerging technology added to this list.