Tata Capital’s Voice Bot TIA now on Amazon’s Alexa


TIA, Tata Capital’s VoiceBotis now available on Amazon’s Alexa through its Echo device Series. By following a simple one-time account linking process on Alexa, customers can access a host of services through voice commands.

TIA on Alexa will provide a whole new voice assisted experience to Tata Capital’s customers, who can now access loan statements, welcome letters, amortization schedules and Final IT certificates. With a simple command, customers can also receive email statements and other documents instantly to their email id.

Tata Capital’s latest voice service can be accessed with 3simple steps:

  • Step 1: Go the Alexa Skill Store and type TIA and select Enable
  • Step 2: Set up One- time Authentication using User ID and password
  • Step 3: Set up a Voice PIN and start accessing TIA on Alexa services

With customers with more than one account, there is an option to create a default account preference.

Speaking about Alexa offering, Ms. Abonty Banerjee, Chief of Digital and Marketing, Tata Capital says, “Conversational devices provide us an opportunity to enhance our digital service offerings to our customers. As voice assisted devices gain momentum in India, customers are ready to use such platforms for all their needs including for customer service. Our endeavour is to make our services available across multiple channels and platforms and give the customer options to choose the one he/she prefers. “

Tata Capital’s customers can currently be serviced by logging on to the Tata Capital website, Mobile Apps, TIA (the chat and voice bot) and now on Alexa as well. In today’s rapidly digitized environment when financial services and customer choices are becoming more competitive by the day, offering services on a popular platform like Amazon Alexa is a step forward for the company in enhancingthe standards for service delivery.

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