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Task Papa, a provider of dedicated virtual assistants (VAs), specializes in Admin services where its Admin VAs can take care of almost anything which does not require specialized skills like coding, accounting, etc. They are pre-qualified to take care of admin tasks like making/receiving calls, managing emails, managing social media postings, internet research, creating/managing/cleaning databases on MS office or different CRMs, calendar management, and more. The company’s VAs are fast learners and its clients can have their VAs to learn a specific tool, CRM, skill, and have VA to help them. 

Task Papa also provides specialized services for On-going or Project basis like website developing and designing, digital marketing, content writing (blogs, articles, etc.), and telecalling. The company is officially partnered with one of the leading USA-based digital marketing firm, Big-M Marketing to provide multi-channel leadbuilder service to help micro, small and medium size businesses generate more leads at cost-effective rates. 


Defining Client’s Success with Core Principles 

With over 8 years of being in existence as premier Virtual Assistants and Telemarketing service provider, the core mission of Task Papa is to help the business owners and decision-makers of startups and small businesses to free up their time from less important business chores and help them grow their businesses. With the company’s services being there for them 24/7, they can focus on more important business-related duties and also make out time for their family, friends, and passions. Task Papa has built its business of serving client’s needs on some core principles, and believes that serving for their success is the ultimate goal of the company. 

Task Papa’s service is based on four fundamental principles: Quality of Service, Data Protection, Available 24*7 and Best Rates. 

The company was started with the founder working from home, then moving on to working from a Co-working space and now operating from an independent office. The journey has been a topsy-turvy ride for Task Papa in a lot of ways but has also been a fulfilling one. The company is thankful to its clients and the team that make it to constantly ascend its growth graph. 


Meet the Business Innovator 

Devang Selani is the founder of Task Papa. He started working for a Telemarketing company, selling credit cards over the phone in 2004. Devang then moved up the corporate ladder and learned the core of the service business. He founded Task Papa in 2013 and has since then created a one-stop-shop for all outsourcing needs. Devang has been able to build a passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced team under all domains who are ready to help the clients with almost any kind of task under any given circumstances. He envisions to create a higher level of high-quality supply of outsourcing needs, and help businesses cut one time and recurring costs, by taking advantage of the economic differences between the Western countries and India. 


Serving Clients with Dynamic Services and Talent  

Task Papa is successfully hiring the right talent, upskilling them and keeping them engaged to provide world-class service to its clients. This, in turn, is helping other companies to maintain the level of service and the pricing structure and help the industry not only attract new clients but also keep existing ones interested.  

The company is benefiting its clients by helping them reduce capital and recurring expenses, save their time, provide reliable, innovative and knowledgeable teams which are also helping them grow their business. 


Innovating Through Expanding Business Reach 

Task Papa applies innovation to almost all areas of the business and leverages the freedom and opportunities to all of its employees to encourage innovative thinking and implementation. This includes the process with which the company hires, trains and onboards the employees. The innovation is perpetually encouraged to help its clients save more time, money and energy.  

Task Papa has partnered with a few co-working spaces in the USA to offer its service to their clients/community members at a discounted rate. This helps the coworking space attract new clients and assists their clients to leverage Task Papa’s services.   This helps Task Papa to expand its client base. 


Challenges of Delivering Services 

One of the major challenges Task Papa faced was in 2018, when there was a surge in the number of signups, and the company was finding it difficult to hire the required candidates in a short span of time. The company had to ask its prospective clients for an additional time frame to get their respective VAs on board and at the same time, look for other options to fill in the positions. Looking at the gap in this domain, Devang started a sister company which now looks after the recruitment not only Task Papa but also for the companies under different domains. 


Exemplary Awards and Validations 

Task Papa has received numerous accolades and business excellence. They are as follows: 

  • Won the ‘Best Business Award’ at VC Investors Meet June 2017 at Upgrad – Mumbai for its Innovation in the current domain, Team Structure, Current Financial traction, and Future Growth Potential.  
  • Won the Certificate of Excellence in 2019 under the Telemarketing domain at Bark.com, one of the leading UK and USA based marketplace.  
  • Got featured in VoyageChicago, one of the leading Chicago, IL, USA based publications. 
  • Received ISO 27001:2013 certificate in 2019 

The company has also received valuable recognition from its clients.  

Yeshwant and Amit with Taskpapa have proven themselves to be valuable to Barons’, Inc. on many different tasks. What I appreciate most is that once the task or project is laid out, I don’t have to worry about it or try to micromanage the task, they get it done and usually way faster than I could do it on my own – saves time, and time is money!​GREAT job guys! Keep up the good work!”- Brandon Morris, Co-Owner, Baron’s Inc. – Mobile, AL, USA 

“I have been supported by Task Papa and I couldn’t be happier. I find them reliable, communication is GREAT, very professional and have no hesitation in recommending them. Give yourself the gift of being supported”- Shivany Gonell, Owner  

“We have been working with Task Papa for about 5 years now and have had a great experience the whole time. Heet (who we work with daily) is very respectful, smart, helpful, follows directions very well and always completes his tasks as requested. He is organized and gives productive feedback. We truly couldn’t ask for a better administrative assistant. Task Papa is very flexible with the schedule as well and can change things around if needed. We’ve never run into any issues and we appreciate their continued hard work. I would highly recommend working with Task Papa. We will continue to do so for years to come.”- Erica Gerhart , Operations Manager Phoscrete Corporation 


The Future of Work 

Task Papa has started capitalizing on offering bulk discounts and acquires clients who need more than one VA since the start of Quarter 1 2020. This strategy has helped the company to increase its revenues by 50% in YTD 2020 vs the same YTD period in 2019. 

Task Papa has envisioned the plans for 2021, including: 

  • The company has enough foothold in USA/Canada market to start serving Mid and Large size Organizations. 
  • Target Small and Mid-Size Enterprises/Entrepreneurs in the UK and Canada.  
  • Target 150% increase in revenue in 2020 v/s 2019 (already ahead of target till June 2020)  
  • Target 200% increase in revenue in 2020 v/s 2019 in USA/Canada Market and 300% increase in revenue globally.

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