Tarjama: Building Smart Language Solutions Powered by AI and Industry Experts

Language Translation

Language Translation

Tarjama is a smart language solutions company helping businesses grow their global presence with seamless, enterprise-grade content. The company’s core strength lies in its qualified industry experts across 200+ sectors, who are assisted by its robust proprietary technology. Tarjama aims to help companies overcome their content challenges of volume, speed, quality, and security, and facilitate that through its unique combination of language services and technologies. Its capabilities cover a full suite of AI-enabled language solutions from translation and localization to content creation, subtitling, and strategic advisory. For companies seeking rapid scalability, Tarjama delivers innovative technology solutions- including a cutting-edge translation management system, machine translation, optical character recognition, and many others.   

Since its inception in 2008 as a UAE-based translation agency, Tarjama’s mission has been to partner with companies so they can achieve more with language. The company quickly established itself as a trusted leader in the region with its commitment towards premium quality translation and leading Arabic expertise. Nour Al Hassan, the company’s Founder and CEO, observed a huge market need for language solutions that went beyond just translation. This inspired her to expand Tarjama’s product offerings to cover an end-to-end range of language solutions, including content creation, transcreation, transcription, subtitling, and strategic advisory.   

Having witnessed real-world challenges that businesses were facing around speed, volume, quality, and security, the company then shifted away from the traditional LSP model to a hybrid model that relies on tech-powered human delivery. With this shift, currently, Tarjama is focused on investing in and building a range of language technologies that empower smarter and faster workflows and results. 

With an expertise in world-class AI, the company built cutting-edge language technology including a translation management system, machine translation, optical character recognition, and a subtitling platform – all geared for the modern enterprise. “Our core approach now focuses on bringing the world’s top talents and making them more efficient than ever with technology,” Nour said. “At present, Tarjama is operating in 8 global markets with its full suite of language services and technologies”.  


Leadership with Energetic Passion  

Driven by her fascination with languages and the way communications happen, Nour established Tarjama in 2008 to meet the growing demand for enterprise-level translation services that caters to the unique multicultural environment in the Middle East. She challenged conventional norms and went on to excel in the translation and localization fields by tapping into an undervalued network of exceptional and talented women. Under her leadership, Tarjama became the first woman-led tech company in the MENA region. Her prolific experience in the language and technology domain for over 12 years has set new standards credit to her business model’s focus on quality, speed, and extraordinary linguistic value. 


Providing Tailored Solutions For Businesses 

Tarjama’s tech-powered human delivery sets it apart from its market peers. The company uses AI to boost productivity and quality, and allows humans to exercise a control over the creative elements. Currently, it proudly boasts of having over 600 long-term clients in over 200 different sectors. Tarjama’s clients can benefit from a range of values, like:

  • Intuitive and fully secure portal built to enterprise standards​ 
  • Faster time to market through a fully automated experience​ 
  • End-to-end range of smart language solutions geared to meet every content need 
  • Technology-enabled services for cost and quality optimization at every step​ 
  • Industry-specific language professionals across over 200 domains 
  • Flexible subscription packages and transparent pricing 

At Tarjama’s core is T-Portal, an all-in-one online content servicing platform for a full range of content and language solutions. Clients have one-click access to content requests that are worked on by industry-expert linguists aided with their proprietary language technologies on the backend to deliver faster, smarter content.  

The company promises solutions geared for all types and formats of business content needs. 

  • Language Services: Translation, MTPE (Machine Translation + Post Editing), Localization (Web, App, Game) Transcreation, Editing, Proofreading, Interpretation 
  • Audio & Media Services: Subtitling, Transcription, Hard coding 
  • Content Services: Copywriting, Scriptwriting, SEO Writing, Technical Writing, Blog Writing, Social Media Content Writing 
  • Technology &​ AI Services​T-Portal​Machine TranslationOptical Character RecognitionTranslation Management System 
  • Staffing Solution​s


Innovating for a Futuristic Market 

Nour assures that AI opportunities exist across every sector and business function.  The requirements for success are various; however, the only key to success is value creation. According to her, “We are looking at a totally different AI landscape, which is more oriented towards using AI products to solve real-world problems and to widen the applicability of AI technology in the real world.”  

Nour further shares that in the language industry, the company has greatly felt the impact of technology over the past years. For individual translators, the range and quality of computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools have increased massively. It is no longer about Human vs. AI, but about empowering humans to do more with AI. Post-editing is the new human input, and everything from localization to transcription has become faster and better as a result of tech advances.  


Facing the Challenges Ahead 

Nour feels that scalability is a challenge when a company needs to expand its operations at a faster rate. This implies that one requires more talent to meet this rapid growth; hence finding the right talent is challenging too. 

At the same time, Tarjama’s focus is to constantly identify more innovative ways to enhance the capabilities of its people, clients, and partners through technology. By combining the world’s top industry-specific linguists with its cutting-edge technology, the company is transforming the way the language industry works. 


Reaching Key Milestones 

In its journey so far, Tarjama has been recognized by several prominent entities for its remarkable services. The company proudly claims to be the first MENA-based Translation Management System, with a 98 percent customer retention rate. At present, the company supports nearly 55 languages and caters to an extensive network of 200+ industries from its eight global offices.  

Tarjama notable awards and achievement include:  

– 21st Top LSP of 2020 in APAC by CSA Research 

– 24th Top LSP of 2019 in APAC by CSA Research 

– SME Technology Company of the Year 2019  

– EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 It received 

– US$5 million raised in series A funding 

– Accredited with ISO 27001:2013 certification in Information Security 


Blurring the Lines between Man and Machine 

Nour anticipates that the future of the industry is a hybrid model between adaptive MT (machine translation) and humans. As the industry is getting transformed to more digital platforms which act as one-stop-shop solutions, clients will be empowered to get their content localized and created faster, cheaper. 

As the company is rapidly expanding globally, it continues to lead the MENA market with its regional expertiseMeanwhile, Tarjama is heavily investing in AI projects, improving its machine learning algorithms, and identifying new language solutions to enable smarter, faster business workflows and results.