Tardid Technologies: A Purpose Led AI Platform Designed to Propel Businesses Forward

Disruptive Technologies

Tardid technologies which stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Data, specializes in delivering physics aware Artificial Intelligence platform for structural & machines health focusing on industrial assets like ships, manufacturing equipment, pumps, motors, cement mills, squeeze rollers, oil & gas pipelines.  

The company has been recognized by the Silicon Review as amongst the “50 Fastest Growing Companies” in 2019 and by Brand Equity & ABP News for “Excellence in Engineering, Research & Development Science 2019”. 

The most humbling moment for the company was to work with various fractions of the defense system which gave Tardid a unique challenge and hunger to keep moving forward through unique offerings in the area of Artificial Intelligence.  


Mission to Ensure Operational and Business Continuity 

Tardid was conceptualized in providing the end customers more than just a beautiful representation of information. The company is meant to deliver proactively all the relevant decision-support information to make the right decision on time.  

Tardid has a unique indigenously built AI platform-Brainbox. Tardid’s Artificial Intelligence Platform, which the company believes to be first of its kind, is a Physics Aware AI Platform. With the help of Brainbox, the company’s customers can significantly reduce their maintenance costs, ensure higher uptimes, manage their spares, and most importantly the safety of their structures, machines, and people. Brainbox provides customers with proactive alerts and knowledge-driven decision support to avoid untoward circumstances. It helps customers to be prepared for all kind of breakdowns in advance and thus reduces the unplanned downtime.  

Brainbox has been further broken into four sub-products to match the customer requirements- Brainbox Prime, Brainbox Xander, Brainbox Stormbreaker, and Brainbox Knowhere. Brainbox Prime ensures business continuity and sustainability against structural disruptions and stagnations. Brainbox Xander is designed to provide prescriptive maintenance, damage prognosis, and decision support for industrial assets. Brainbox Stormbreaker is the logical reasoning engine preceding Prime and Xander, providing an  insight into operation optimization, cost improvement, and probable or definitive future failures of structures and machines. Brainbox Knowhere has been designed for an AI-based Threat Intelligence system to identify, intercept and interdict air, water, and surface-level threats. Domain generation algorithms are used to provide on the spot analysis for swift decision making.  

The company also has Brainbox SPICA, a Digital Twin on-premise, which eases the production environment by providing AI-based structural health with decision support for faster and efficient production lines.  

The most disruptive part is integrating the physics models which helps to break the barrier of being able to view the assets from beyond just simple digitization. The founders add,  

“Usually, a lot of industrial assets come with inbuilt digitization but most of the information from this digitization can only be understood by the OEMs and the actual customer is forced to rely on the analytics provided by the OEMs.” 

Brainbox tries to bridge this gap and gets the relevant information to the customers’ fingertips, making faster decisions and quicker resolutions.  


Distinguished Leaders with a Global Edge 

The company’s’ founders are the talented Niladri Dutta and Aastha Verma. Niladri is the Founder, CEO & Brainbox Architect. He is the brain behind Tardid and Brainbox. He executes the conversion of technology into the product with his core technology team. It is his vision that drives the technological innovations for the organization.  

Aasthathe Co-founder, and COO looks at the non- technology part to ensure the smooth operations of the company. She also heads business development, global alliances, sales, and marketing. She is responsible to ensure that the product which is delivered has business viability and a market which is ready to accept and implement the products in the offering. 

Both the founders started working full time on Tardid even before Tardid was officially incorporated in May 2016. Once they were convinced that their idea was conceptualized, they slowly started building a team of like-minded people who were experts in their respective areas. Eventually, in November 2017, the first angel fund was received, and the company started its first office and is now growing in terms of customer experience and ensuring that the right amount of R&D continues.  


Leveraging Disruptive Technology to Drive Innovation 

AI is one of the most disruptive technology in the world today. If the experts are to be believed, AI will touch absolutely everything. Today almost everything from televisions, mobile to satellites has Artificial Intelligence inbuilt into it. The founders add that “But we are just at the tip of the iceberg for AI and there is a scope for a lot of new & exciting innovations 

Innovations are becoming more niche and specific to solve specific problems. But what is more important is that with the help of AI, the company can now reach the places which are hazardous or dangerous for a human to go and work. AI will also help resolve problems with far more precision than what is humanly possible.  


Overcoming Roadblocks to Growth  

Speaking on challenges, the founders say, “Well, challenges have been many like in case of any young company.” 

For Tardid, being a research-oriented company in B2B space when most of the other startups started at the same time focusing on B2C or eCommerce, fundraising was quite a nightmare. The company took its time to find the right angel investor, who is a strategic investor.  

The founders further add that, “A lot of customers require to be educated on what AI is all about and how it is different from IoT & Business Intelligence. Thankfully over the years, the awareness has increased and now more customers are acknowledging the importance of AI in their organization and the markets are now maturing for products like Brainbox.” 

COVID, however, has become one of the biggest challenges which the entire world had never anticipated. The present circumstances are making the world realize how important it is for a solution like Brainbox to help companies having unplanned downtime. So though acquiring a customer is difficult but the company knows that once the market opens, Brainbox will be a need in every market segment. 


Towards an Exciting Future Ahead 

Tardid is all set to become a leader in the AI Product for heavy industries. The company’s revolutionary platform is scalable and can help the industry to get ahead in the AI action. The company is harnessing its AI capabilities and believes that it will be able to lead the way of AI implementations and unique use cases especially in the areas which have never been explored. 

AI has the scope to go to all the places where one can stretch their imagination. In simple terms it can potentially help in making accurate decisions at a much faster speed by accessing the knowledge not only of the self but of all the information there can be about that subject matter.