Strategies to Succeed at Baseball Betting by Tim Harrison from BetZillion

5 Tips for how to win on Baseball betting – Hints by Tim Harrison for IndustryWired

Baseball is a popular sport that is played worldwide but has a huge fan base in the United States of America and Canada. The sport is a ball and bat game played between two teams, each with nine players.

Also, there are various baseball leagues with Major League Baseball (MLB), the highest baseball league globally comprising 29 US teams and 1 Canadian team.

Bettors worldwide get involved with baseball by wagering on various baseball events. However, poor knowledge of the game would make you lose money on this sport instead of winning.

Tim Harrison, a betting expert with BetZillion, provided IndustryWired with some helpful tips on how to succeed at baseball betting. You will also discover the top ecoPayz sportsbook to place your baseball betting here.

How does Baseball Betting Work?

The term “National Pastime” of the US is frequently used to describe baseball as it is a significant component of American Culture and history. In the bat-and-ball game of baseball, two teams of nine players compete.

A total of nine innings make up a game, during which both teams’ players take turns at batting and fielding,  trying to advance around four bases to score a run. Additionally, three outs make each inning for each team, and after the game, the team with the most runs wins.

There are various divisions of professional baseball in the United States called the Minor League. Players develop their abilities in the minor leagues to progress to the major leagues.

As a result, baseball comprises a wide range of physical and mental skills. For instance, the pitcher excels at throwing the ball correctly to the hitter while simultaneously making it challenging to hit. Also, some players excel at fielding while others excel at hitting home runs.

The game is complicated and engaging because of its interplay of abilities and teamwork, so it’s vital to understand the whole concept of the sport to help you make your wagering decisions.

Furthermore, you must sign up with a bookmaker that allows you to place bets on baseball betting, offers a variety of betting markets, and enable easy payments on your account.

An ecoPayz sportsbook is a recommended betting site that bettors can try, as it provides ease of cost and secures your funds.

Types of Baseball Markets

Let’s briefly review the most famous baseball betting markets out of the many available to bettors who want to wager on the sport:

1. Moneyline

The Baseball Moneyline bet is straightforward, as you need to wager who you think would win the game.

For instance, if the bookmaker offers New York Yankees -170 as the favorite team and Los Angeles Dodgers gets a +150 odds as the underdog, you would need to wager $170 on the Yankees to win a $100.

However, If you predict the Dodgers to win the game, wagering $100 on them will help you win $150.

Here is how a typical game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees can go:

2. Run Line

A run line bet in baseball is a point spread or handicap wager, which the bookmaker usually sets at 1.5. In some cases, you will see a 2.5 line on your sportsbook.

Here, the favorite team with the -1.5 line must win by two-run or more to win your bet. Alternatively, if you’re betting on the underdog with a +1.5 line, the team must only lose by up to two runs or win the game for your wager to be successful.

3. Totals

Baseball totals are wagers that account for all the game runs. In this case, you wager on whether the total number of runs in the game will exceed or fall short of a bookmaker’s set mark.

For instance, if the total for the game between the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves is 9, there must be at least ten runs and no fewer than eight runs to win the bet.

So, if you bet on ‘Over’ and the final result is a 6-4 total of 10, you would win your bet.

Bookmakers usually set their thresholds to numbers like 6.5 or any other value to avoid scenarios where the scoreline will fall on the exact number.

So if you’re working with a 6.5 mark, your ‘Over’ bet will need seven or above to win, while your ‘Under’ bet will need six or below.

4. Other Betting Markets

Bettors can also place bets on the following:

  • Futures markets,
  • Prop bets.

Future bets involve placing wagers on the outcome of a future event or the winner of a particular tournament.

For instance, if you think the New York Yankees will win the MLB World Series, you can wager on them using future bets. However, the odds for this bet are usually high and continually modified as the season progresses.

On the other hand, a prop bet has to do with wagering on a player to perform a specific task or on a particular event during the game.

An example of a prop bet is wagering on the New York Mets to defeat the Chicago Cubs with a home run or if a team will score a run in the first inning.

Helpful Tips to Succeeding at Baseball Betting

Here are some tips that could help you succeed at baseball betting.

Weather Condition

Prior knowledge of the weather condition is crucial to placing baseball bets. For instance, home runs can become warning-track outs when the wind blows, favoring “Under” bets.

If it blows up, fly balls could also become home runs, selecting “Over” bets. So, there’s no denying that weather conditions can impact a game.

Wager Against the Favourite

Most bettors consistently place bets on the favorites or home teams because of the quality they possess and neglect the underdog. Meanwhile, the favorite teams can falter at times. However, you must know when to adopt a contrary stance to help you succeed.

Know your Umpires

Knowing who the umpire will be before a game will help you see the kind of bets to place. Some give in to pressure, and others are swayed by the crowd in the home team’s favor, impacting the result.

Others have restricted strike zones, which causes more walks and runs to be scored in a game, benefitting the “Over” bets. Some others have expansive strike zones, which results in more hit balls and strikeouts, helping the “Under” bets.

Have a Bankroll

Having a bankroll for your bets is essential to avoid a loss. Only use a set-aside part of your cash for wagering and have a budget that you follow strictly. Also, avoid chasing your losses and accept when you lose a game.


Wagering on sporting events without a sound knowledge of the sports is a wrong move. Baseball betting can be challenging; getting familiar with the sports and betting markets and having a strategy can help you become a successful baseball bettor. This guide provides the best tips to help you place profitable bets. You might need to read it to know more about putting baseball bets.

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