Stanford University and endowment CEO Robert Wallace Object to Discovery in Fraud case

In ongoing legal battle between now shut downed Stanford-StartX Fund LLC., its medical artificial intelligence investment MedWhat, and its CEO Arturo Devesa, versus Stanford University, the prestigious University, and its $30billion endowment CEO, Robert Wallace, as well as Stanford’s General Counsel Debra Zumwalt, all have received a Motion to Compel and Sanctions in San Francisco Court for Objecting to all Interrogatories questions pertaining how the Stanford fund operated as part of a fraud lawsuit both sides are involved in.

Court documents state Stanford University refuses to respond to all Discovery Interrogatories and objected to all questions filed by Devesa.

Former Stanford-StartX Fund LLC Manager Suzanne Fletcher has also received a Motion to Compel and Sanctions to produce documents pertaining to her role as manager. Ms. Fletcher refuses to answer to Interrogatories and objected to Interrogatories.

All parties are asked to Court to be Sanctioned in the amount of $15,311 against Stanford University, in the amount of $12,330 against Suzanne Fletcher, in the amount of $12,330 against Robert Wallace, and in the amount of $12,330 against Debra Zumwalt

The Objections read as follows: