Smart Packaging of Products Is Changing Retail Sector in India

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Consumer expectations are getting more and more high, and industries across the spectrum are upgrading their products and systems to become smarter, and supply exceptional client expertise. Recent years have seen a boom in the e-commerce and also the unionized retail sectors in India, with the manifold increase of prepackaged food consumption, awareness and a requirement for quality product. This, in turn, has seen an amazing growth in packaging innovations across the country. Retail brands are catching up to the trend by using innovative packaging solutions to reinforce consumers’ expertise and increase the shelf attractiveness of their product.

Latest technologies in the packaging area like engineering science is gaining quality in many areas of food sciences like food safety, packaging, processing, bio-availability, fortification, encapsulation among others. With packaging, property is another driver that plays a large role in influencing firms and consumers to seek out innovative technologies for greener, more environmentally friendly solutions. The global agreement to cut back negative environmental effects of packaging in conjunction with technological innovations have driven brands to cut back on material usage, use reclaimable material in packaging and develop the utilization of different property materials.

Let’s examine some key trends within the Indian food & snack packaging market:

Shift To Versatile Packaging

The Packaging industry appears to be gravitating towards versatile packaging ways to its multi-fold energy and atmosphere advantages. Versatile packaging uses the most effective characteristics of plastic, paper, while not compromising on the products freshness, barrier protection, durability, printability and easy use.

With its versatile nature, lightweight, reduced price and improved period ways to barrier properties, versatile packaging films became the well-liked alternative over ancient packaging materials.

Enhanced Shelf-Life

With the continual increase within the handiness of prepacked food product in the market, it’s very vital for brands to use innovative packaging techniques that allows the product to stay contemporary until the time it reaches the tip client.

Packaging materials that have excellent barrier properties (Both wetness and Oxygen) for instance, became an important in product packaging, with examples like High wetness Barrier Films (HMB), that are metalized and corona-treated on each side for duplexes well as a sandwich layer for lamination in snack foods, where loss of wetness could be a concern. Different choices are Aroma and element Barrier Films; that have sturdy wetness and gas barrier properties and are used for packaging of cream biscuits, chocolates, chips and snacks.

Enhanced Shelf Appeal

When searching through retail shelves, shoppers usually run into a large style of similar product, that makes it very vital for brands to form their products stand out from their competitors. Shelf attractiveness of the product is as vital as its quality, and has become a key part for undefeated promotion. Despite the packaging type, if it doesn’t show attractiveness the shoppers, it’ll fail. Versatile packaging for instance, provides higher aesthetics and also offers a much better visibility of the product, allowing complete house owners and product designers to think out-of-the-box.

Eye catching packaging styles offers a complete and also the product its desired step-up in the minds of the buyers. Packaging textures like matte, velvet, scuff-free and linen provides a premium texture and appearance to the products’ packaging, therefore making a sense of luxury within the minds of the client.


In the previous few years, property products became a priority for buyers and for brands. The staggering growth in client awareness concerning property, and frequent dialogues on social responsibility has pushed complete house owners to try and do away with ancient, non-environmental friendly packaging ways, focusing more on homogenised (same family of polymers) film structures.

Intelligent Packaging

Consumer expectations are getting more and more high, and industries across the spectrum are upgrading their merchandise and systems to become smarter, and supply exceptional client expertise. Intelligent packaging uses its distinctive options like sensing, detecting, tracing, and recording and human action to facilitate extension of period, enhance quality and safety, give info, and warn concerning potential issues. The technology of intelligent packaging will be applied to spot counterfeit merchandise, boost client engagement with the assistance of smartphones, and avoid wastage through clear indication of freshness levels or termination of the product.