Smart Home Devices are Energy Saviours of the Modern World

Smart Home

Smart Home

Smart home appliances can drastically reduce energy usage, which will reflect on climate change

Climate change is a global threat. The change in global temperature directly caused by human activities is affecting the world routinely. Fortunately, people are becoming aware of the harm they have caused to the earth and how bad its reiteration could impact. An increase in sea level, sudden wildfires, etc is menacing people to change their daily habits. To address the challenge, humans are adopting smart home devices to contribute to their stance. Smart home appliances can drastically reduce energy usage.

Smart home appliances can regularly manage energy usage in a confined environment without much human interaction. Smart products are featured with the ability to be monitored remotely through mobile phones. It can also be programmed to perform actions automatically based on your schedule, send alerts about performance issues before they become a big problem, and even usage based on occupancy detection. Saving energy is the main concept of today’s world. People are awakening from the careless life they have been living so far. Unfortunately, the routine habit of leaving a light on is still a problem. However, smart home systems and devices can help us even in unpredicted situations by monitoring and controlling device usage at home. According to calculations by the Fraunhofer Institute, the intelligent house can save up to 40% of heating costs. Smart technology allows homeowners to take control of their energy usage through a variety of smart-home energy-saving strategies.


How can smart home devices save energy?

Smart window coverings

Smart curtains, blinds and other light blockers are the general home appliances the come to our mind when we think about smart homes, but smart window treatments have a lot to offer. Smart curtains and blinds help humans by reducing the routine job of opening and closing the window according to the climate and temperature. It can also automatically respond to the environment like detect the temperature and decide whether the curtain should be on or off on its own. The ACEEE estimates that a smart window covering strategy can yield 11-20% savings in space heating and cooling, and approximately, 3% in lighting.


Remotely manage your home devices

Connecting smart devices with the mobile phone is the most futuristic and effective technology that encourages us to save energy. Heating and cooling the house takes one of the biggest chunks on energy usage. According to the Consumer Technology Association, a smart home can help cut energy consumption by 10%. It doesn’t matter even if you left your light or even AC on; you can still remotely monitor the devices by connecting them to mobile phones. You can also opt for automatic devices that turn off when no one is around. These advancements in smart home appliances work together for more efficient energy management and help save money.


Smart thermostats

Reports suggest that the electric energy management of your air conditioning and heating system accounts for nearly 48% of your home’s energy expenses. As mentioned earlier, tackling the challenge of heating and cooling the home consumes more energy than anything else. With the help of smart thermostats, energy usage can be decreased. These devices offer the ability to monitor and adjust your home temperature even when you are not present. Smart thermostats can automatically turn off the heating and cooling mechanism when it is not needed.