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GND Solutions primarily focuses on bringing innovative and transformative concepts to products in the areas of IoT and M2M for industrial, smart cities and smart energy segments. The company has over 20 years of experience in product engineering, chip-to-cognition R&D services in IoT and M2M segments. GND ensures the highest quality of services at each stage of the development process and delivers world-class products to the global market with committed passion. The company builds products on-time and every time in the IoT, IIoT and M2M domains on equal standing with international standards. GND’s end-to-end solutions provide rapid time-to-market capabilities, giving businesses a competitive advantage in the global market. 


An Inspiring Leader 

Annareddy Venkata Siva Reddy is the Founder and Managing Director of GND Solutions. He is an entrepreneur and versatile R&D professional with over 20 years of experience in conceptualization to product/solutions deployments. 

Siva has launched numerous products in the global tech market of Cellular, LPWAN, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Satellite Modems, and more. He has diverse experience in NPI & Phased approach for product driving. Further, he founded Infrion in 2017 and Lexir Tech in 2019. He has proven expertise in product/solution architecture, product development lifecycle, global product delivery, and manufacturing. 

Under Siva’s leadership, GND Solutions is recognized as the Top 20 Growing IoT Companies in India. Furthermore, Siva is a technology advisor to the Board for Smart-beings and has achieved the Innovation CES2017 award. 


Innovation Through Inclusive Proven Solutions 

GND Solutions has expertise in transforming concepts to solutions ranging from miniature to intricate system designs. The company’s proven design practices ensure superior quality and on-time delivery. GND’s design and development service offerings include embedded H/W design services, firmware design services, mechanical design services, IC packaging & SIP design services, mobile apps & custom ROM, desktop applications & tools, front-end framework & dashboards, backend with mean stack & cloud, and testing & certifications. 

GND also has end-to-end solutions that provide rapid time-to-market capabilities and provide businesses with a competitive edge. 


Cold Chain Solution 

GNDs Cold Chain Solution helps track the status of perishable and temperature-sensitive items. The company’s IoT integrated solution improves supply chain visibility for enhanced customer experience, theft protection and inventory management. Its product offers the ultimate solution to minimizing the spoilage rate of temperature-sensitive goods at low energy costs. GND’s smart end-node sensors and analytics platform enhance visibility and remote management with overall cost savings. 


Location Tracking Solution 

GND’s location tracking solution helps transport and logistics companies to improve their logistics management and vehicle performance, with optimized efficiency and operating cost. The solution offers immediate insight and detailed information about vehicle movements, routes, status, utilization, and enables fleet management with ease and simplicity. 


Asset Tag Solution 

The asset tag solution encompasses edge analytics and a smart LoRa-based end node that helps supply warehousing, smart factory and freight logistics management companies to optimize and modernize operations. The solution leverages GND’s platform to deliver efficiency, customer delight and competitive advantage. This solution is ideal for heavy engineering manufacturers, smart industries, tractors, cranes, or other industrial equipment that requires constant monitoring, tracking and conditioning. A miniature version of the asset tag solution also assists in real-time personnel management and tracking by alerting owners and companies when a tag is tampered or unfastened. 


Door/Window Alarm Solution 

The door alarm sensor is a next-generation security system leveraging LoRaWAN, a network that is tamper-proof and provides round-the-clock protection to homes, shops, offices and factories. This solution is reliable and cost-effective and generates immediate alerts using GND’s dynamic IoT platform. The door alarm solution doesn’t rely on a home network and comes with extended battery life. 


Navigating Initial Challenges to Win the Market 

One of the most significant challenges was to get the right team in place. Positioning its products and solutions to large conglomerates was another challenge for the company. As GND initially had a few live customers, who were willing to share positive feedback, new prospects demanded POCs without any investment from their side. It was challenging for the company to stay self-funded and commit to the POC investments for initial clients. GND Solutions took on the challenge and delivered successful POCs and set new quality benchmarks. Most of its POC prospects turned into new clients that helped the company to expedite its growth. 


Remarkable Accolades and Achievements 

GND’s core values that include a commitment to customers, integrity, global mindset, transparency, discipline and fun at work, help the company to become the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the IoT and M2M segment in the global market. 

GND Solutions is one of the Top 30 admired Tech Leaders, as per Company of the Year 2020 by The Inner Review, and Silicon Review’s 50 Most Admired Companies of the Year in 2019. The company also won the CES 2017 award for Smart Home Applications. GND prides itself on having customers from the Fortune 500. 

Our CEOs is recognised by the by Business Connect in 2020, as well as featured in the Silicon Review.

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