SigniFlow Americas: Securing Business Documents Workflow with Digital Signature Solutions


SigniFlow Americas specializes in a cutting-edge cyber technology that fully digitizes paper processes and workflows and can apply legally valid, binding digital signatures to any document. Within its catalog of offerings are SigniFlow™, AppFlow™, and DocFlow™; each its own dynamic tool but when combined, create one powerful innovation capable of running an entire business. 

SigniFlow™ is a digital signature engine that can digitize any process that requires an electronic document to be legally signed. It can be integrated with existing systems to allow customers to leverage what they already use, or with separate software, applications, and programs. It can be scaled to fit the needs of any customer whether they wish a company-wide deployment, by-department implementation, or one-by-one transition, cloud based or on-premise. It also supports multi language communication and has support for signatures via HSM, USB, smart card, token, among others complying with PKI standards set by different countries.     

AppFlow™ is a powerful onboarding system that can automate the collection of information from applications, questionnaires, and other forms. It will extract information provided by the user, organize it based on the customer’s pre-configured preferences, and automatically populate databases and systems with the data. Generate contracts, create agreements, and produce other stunning forms with zero human intervention.   

DocFlow™ is a management platform for any document imaginable. From files and records to statements and invoices, the platform can handle it for users. Also capable of full automation, it can be used to organize documents through pre-configured rules that will perform processes for the customer such as filing and sending documents. 

SigniFlow Americas was founded in 2018, although SigniFlow’s presence worldwide dates back almost a decade. Since its inception, the company has added team members, partners, and a lengthy list of pleased customers. Recently celebrating its one-year anniversary, the goal of SigniFlow Americas remains the same: helping companies go digital. Growing benefits of the company’s solutions include greater security, streamlined performance, increased efficiency and productivity, and a decrease in costs and time spent on paper-based processes. 


A Transformational Business Leader 

Laila Robak, Founder and CEO of SigniFlow Americas, received her bachelor’s degree in general studies with a concentration in International Business from Southern New Hampshire University. She began her career in the IT field almost 15 years ago as a Programmer and Graphic Designer before advancing to positions with companies such as the COPPETEC Foundation and IBM. Laila was a Vice President for the technology company GlobalSign, the Director of Partnerships at DigiCert, Inc., and started her own cybersecurity company before creating SigniFlow Americas in 2018. Always striving to learn and do more, she has successfully completed a modest catalog of continuing education courses and has certifications in Identity and Access Management, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Computer Forensics, Business Management, and several others.  


Bolstering Security for Digital Identity  

SigniFlow uses x.509 digital signature technology, the most advanced and trusted technology available. A cryptographic process creates a hash code based on the content of the document, and user information, using a digital certificate to their electronic signature (which is the image of the signature) and combines them to create a digital signature. When a digital signature is applied, any alteration or modification of any kind on the document will cause an alteration of the base hash algorithm and trigger an error message that will alert users to the issue. One notable difference between SigniFlow’s technology and other leading competitors is that SigniFlow digitally seals documents after each and every signature to guarantee non-repudiation of individual signers and their responses whereas other platforms simply apply encryption after all fields have been filled and all signatures applied. This process guarantees the identity of the signer, the integrity of the document, the authenticity of the signature, and non-repudiation of it all.  


Delivering Proven Security Solutions to Mitigate Risks 

Due to the emphasis placed on security, SigniFlow Americas employs a number of tools to ensure protection from outside risks. In addition to quarterly penetration tests, security processes are in place and running continuously to mitigate risk and optimize code. SigniFlow is a certified encryption and security platform for document handling and management. It uses 10 OWASP standards of development, and it is ISO27001 and ISO9001-2015 certified. Every SigniFlow process is encrypted end-to-end and each document is digitally sealed at no additional cost. 


Employing eSignature for Digital Authentication 

Document and workflow digitalization platforms such as SigniFlow enable companies to leverage investments already made in business applications and systems and continue using their own servers and databases. This is done by establishing cloud servers, on-premises deployments, or a mix of both. Unlike other platforms on the market that require companies to use their infrastructures, raising costs and making it difficult to comply with applicable security policies, SigniFlow adapts to existing processes. Users can opt to use a complete SigniFlow interface or employ SigniFlow as an invisible signature engine by simply adding a “control panel” component for use and application of digital signatures within other programs and applications. Both options offer state-of-the-art security with encryption end to end throughout. 


Disrupting Market with Significant Innovations 

According to Laila Robak, “New products and services are hitting the market every single day and can be in the hands of consumers with the touch of a button. With that notion in mind, businesses are constantly facing the dilemma of how to come up with a truly innovative offering that will not become obsolete by the time the mail comes the following day. It is hard to disrupt something when your chance to be a part of it is so fleeting. SigniFlow Americas believes that because of its adaptability, versatility, and extensive list of features, services, and possibilities, SigniFlow can be used by anyone in any industry in the world. The company’s solution was not developed as an innovative way to corner the market; SigniFlow is cornering the market on innovation. 


Embracing Support Infrastructure to win Against Challenges  

With an abundance of technology solutions available in the market, a big challenge for SigniFlow Americas has been establishing the business as a serious competitor to other similar systems and platforms. By building a strong team, focusing on client development, and putting in long hours and lots of hard work, SigniFlow Americas has already made significant strides towards success and continues to prove itself in the industry. 


Remarkable Business Excellence 

SigniFlow Americas was recognized by Insights Success Magazine as one of the Pioneering eSignature Solution Providers to Watch in 2019 and featured in IndustryWired magazine’s issue The Most Disruptive Tech Companies of the Year 2019. 

Founder & CEO, Laila Robak, was named one of 2019’s Top Revolutionary Women in Security by IndustryWired and awarded the CRN Top Women of the Channel nomination in 2013. 

SigniFlow has many notable customers including Procter & Gamble, KFC, and BMW. 


The Future Ahead 

The future of the IT industry in some ways is already upon us. The more technologically advanced the world becomes, the more threats there are to worry about and thus, the more regulated the industry. The problem is the decentralization of what is being put into effect. Every time a new rule is introduced the question is the same: who has to comply? SigniFlow was built with compliance at the core so when new standards, regulations, and laws go into effect customers are already ahead of the curve. It is difficult to predict where the future of the IT industry is headed. Regardless of changes in the industry, the future of SigniFlow is and always will be the privacy and security of its customers.