Shannon Byrne Susko: Growing Up Businesses through a Widely Recognized Metronome Growth System Framework Powered Up by 3HAG WAY

Shannon Byrne Susko has led several companies to explosive growth and success by donning various vital roles over the last 25 years. She is currently the Founder and CEO of Metronome United and Co-founder and CEO of Metronome Growth Systems. The former is a global business growth coaching business with over 70 Coaches worldwide. Since its inception, Metronome United has grown into more than just a coaching business. Today, it is a community of like-minded coaches and leaders who are adopting the most effective and proven business growth system that helps its companies build businesses with ease, speed and confidence.

Meanwhile, Metronome Growth Systems is a global business with over 150 coaches, 2000 companies, and 12,000 users. It is a business team accountability platform that delivers consistent results with companies by tripling their top line while doubling their cash-flow within three years of working with the system.

The Metronome Growth System Framework is founded upon the principles of the greatest business thought leaders of our time – Peter Drucker, Jim Collin’s, Michael Porter, Patrick Lencioni, Brad Smart, Verne Harnish, and it brought all together by Shannon’s own 3HAG WAY.  This is the glue that brought it all together. The 3 Year Highly Achievable Goal that marries strategy and execution and powers all the great principles up. It is a team-based strategic execution system that evolves with the company, its leaders, the team and the market. Leaders who having the willingness and desire to grow themselves and their teams and in turn their company are experiencing triple top-line growth while doubling their cash-flow within three years of working with the system. It’s a game-changer for CEO’s who want to grow up their company while achieving the life balance they dreamed of when starting or joining the business.

This System allowed Shannon and her team to weather any market and make through-cycle decisions to achieve high growth during any time. When each of the economic downturns hit, the team drove the mapped out cash runway and made immediate decisions in regards to strategy, execution, and team.

Prior to her current companies, Shannon was the Co-Founder and CEO of Subserveo, a hyper-growth FinTech company that offered Post-Trade Compliance software as a service to broker-dealers in North America. It validated the Metronome Growth System Framework by growing up exponentially in 12 quarters/3 years and being sold to DST Systems in 2011 as one of the Top 3 Mid-Market Deals on Wall Street and Shannon being named Deal Maker of the Year in 2011 in Vancouver, BC.

Subserveo was founded in February 2008, during the worst recession time of the previous 100 years. “Having grown our first business on venture funding, we decided we would not invest any money and customer fund this business,” explains Shannon. The business model was key to Subserveo’s success, as the customers paid 1-2 years in advance for its software as a service building a cash warchest for growth and preserving shareholder equity.

Before Subserveo, she served as the Co-founder and CEO of Paradata Systems Inc, where she built a Global Payment Processing platform service that was sold worldwide through banks, processors, and resellers. Paradata is where the Metronome Growth System Framework was created, developed, trialed and validated with a successful sale to PayPros based in California in 2006. So much so that PayPros adopted the system as well.

Laying the Foundations of a Successful Career

Shannon’s personal story of success can be recognized by how she impacts the people around her. Shannon has been interviewed on local, national, and international podcasts, newspapers, online journals, case studies, public events, and many more. Shannon was a founding Board Member of Women of Whistler, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs of BC, and Women Networking in Transactions –an international organization that promotes and supports women in payments.

Shannon has been the lead sponsor in Whistler’s International Day of the Girl since its inception. She deeply believes in not only influencing girls but boys and adults as well to ensure there is more awareness of what needs to be done to change how girls should perceive themselves and grow. Shannon has coached local girls and boy sports in Whistler since 2006. Her favorite opportunity is to work with the youth athletes to provide solid leadership for personal growth as well as in their sport of choice. Shannon coaches for life, not just sport. She wants her impact to go well beyond sport. It is difficult to measure her impact because it grows exponentially every day. People in the tech world are fascinated by her as a successful and influential leader in a male-dominated industry.

Her coaching community of over 70 international coaches are keen to be a part of whatever she is involved in. This community leverages Shannon’s experience, resources, and story to impact thousands of growth companies worldwide. Shannon has published two business books that have been recognized around the world. These books are strategic execution resources that share over 25 years of Shannon’s experience, supplying CEO’s, leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs with a hands-on growth system to grow up their companies.

Her first book, The Metronome Effect, is an Amazon Best Seller and has been recognized by leading CEO’s and business resource reviews. Shannon’s second book, The 3HAG WAY, was released in April 2018 and has been recognized as New Release Best Seller and a 2019 International Book Award finalist in the Business: Entrepreneurship & Small Business. This book has quickly gained global praise from the business community recognizing 3HAG (3 Year Highly Achievable Goal) strategy system as essential to their success.  Shannon has grown from a driven tech start-up founder to a highly regarded serial entrepreneur, professional CEO, CEO+Leadership team coach, author and speaker globally. She is a role model for people everywhere.

Shannon holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degrees from Saint Mary’s University and a Masters of Computer Science degree from the Technical University of Nova Scotia.

Breaking the Status-Quo and Leading Industry towards New Horizon

The Metronome Growth Framework powered up by 3HAG WAY that Shannon and her team created is what her company’s success was founded on.  CEOs and leaders are drawn to this desired success and want to implement it worldwide for their businesses. Shannon planned to retire in 2011; however, she now explains that she is “re-priored”.  Meaning her ultimate purpose to ensure no one is as desperate as she was to grow up their business and live the life they want.  Shannon has resided in Whistler, BC Canada for the last 30 years enjoying all the mountains have to offer while growing up herself and her companies on the global stage.

Today she is breaking new ground as a global CEO+Leadership team Coach and thought-leader of high growth companies. Shannon is one of few business thought leaders who have actually executed and experienced their own framework with incredible success.  As a strategic business growth expert, she is known worldwide as a rare individual who has not only done it with her businesses but can also teach, coach and explain it practically to leaders having done it with her own team. Today, Shannon is one of the most sought-after high growth CEO+Leadership team coaches in the world.


Emulating the Tenets of a Transformational Leader

The Metronome Growth System Framework powered by 3HAG WAY is not traditional.  It’s human!  Shannon’s unwavering focus and willingness to evolve herself with her team set the standard for the year over year growth of her companies and now what she shares with the Metronome United coaching community and clients. Shannon’s unwavering leadership and success are attributed to ignoring stereotyping and biases, and focusing on a team that shares her core values: staying Happy, Hungry, and Humble and to ensure no one is as desperate as she was to grow up her company and have a life too.

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